With Fall Ball wrapping up across most of the northern states, many athletes will be left to their own training routines for the next few months. As you move into the gym, basement or garage it’s important to focus on maintaining the basics so that when spring training or winter tournaments roll around, you’ll be in top form and ready to go. Pitchers especially need to keep up the drills and workouts. Going from 0 to 60 as a pitcher can easily injure your arm and take you out for a game or season, and cause a nagging pain for the rest of your career.

When continuing training by yourself, we hope you’re lucky enough to have a coach or pitching coach who you can call and ask for some training tips and drills to practice indoors this winter. If not, then dig around online for some videos and guides that you can use. Make sure they’re from reputable sources! We can’t stress that enough. Do some research on the coach or instructor presenting the drills. College coaches are a great resource! Or, you could check back to Softball Chatter as we’ll be posting some of our favorite training and drills videos from the internet all winter long.

This week we have two great “basics” drills for all pitchers to dial in your arm rotation, snap and release. Presented by Softball-Spot.com, and Coach Becky Wittenburg, these two drills can be done in a small space with a fellow pitcher, a friend or parent to toss the ball back to you, or alone with a bucket of balls so you can get a feel for it through repetition, without breaking to retrieve the ball.

As Coach Wittenburg explains in the One Knee Drill, pitching from a one-knee position isolates the movements required to improve arm speed. By quieting your shoulders, your arm uses the rest of your body to create the resistance needed to get your arm and the ball moving faster, instead of using your shoulders as a crutch.

The second drill is a great back to basics drill to isolate the feeling of letting the ball roll off your fingers, which will help improve speed and accuracy.

Basics drills like these for pitchers are a great way to break down your motions and really isolate key movements in the off season. They’re also a good start for younger pitchers too and for pitchers with more experience, they allow you to practice in a smaller space when you may not have access to an open gym area in the winter.

Let us know what you’d like to improve on this winter and we’ll share some drills for you right here in Softball Chatter.

Finally, Coach Wittenburg, we love the Ringor softball cleats you’re rocking!.

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