Make Your Parents Proud

Ordering as a team is easier on your parent’s pocket book.  By not ordering individually, it means that your parents save some cash on your cleats and might be more inclined to buy you that brand new car when you turn 16.  (Kinda far fetched but it’s worth a try, right?)

Look the Part

Having matching cleats, bags and apparel will make your team look legit.  Take a look at some of the team pictures from the Ringor Facebook Fan page.

They look pretty awesome, am I right?

Wear What the Pros Wear

Strut your stuff out on the field knowing that you’re wearing the same products that many professional players are wearing.  In 2009, National Pro Fastpitch players chose to wear Ringor products more than any other brand.

Intimidation Factor

Intimidate the other team with your matching pink cleats!  Or it could have the opposite effect because your opponent underestimates the awesomeness of your team.  Then you soundly defeat them and walk off the field with class and sportsmanship.

Build Team Unity

If you’re looking to get to know your new teammates, there’s no better way than to shop with them!  Have a little team get together and decide on what color cleats would look best with your uniforms.

Become a Spokesperson

Buy a set of cleats to help represent the cause of your choice.  Go with pink cleats to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness.  Go with green cleats to support the Green Movement or simply go with purple because it’s your favorite color.

Join the Team

By ordering from Ringor, you join one the most respected worldwide sororities of proud, loyal Ringor athletes who lace up the best fastpitch footwear available every game day.

Have any other ideas as to why having matching team cleats make you awesome?  Post below to show how awesome you really are!

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