In the last twenty years fastpitch has gone through dynamic growth spurts, increased domestic and international exposure and greater overall organization.

But, is there bad that has come with the good?

Fastpitch players have more opportunities to play the game today. The sport features several sanctioning organizations, with hundreds of tournaments and thousands of tournament teams. Dominating pitchers have been developed who can literally shut down offenses on a regular basis. Players have excellent opportunities for private instruction, camps, clinics and recruiting services. Players have an opportunity to purchase gear and personal equipment designed specifically for female athletes, and as is the case with RINGOR, designed specifically for the game of fastpitch softball.

However, has this progress for fastpitch also brought negative results? With all of the opportunities to play fastpitch, many players have become specialized, as fastpitch has become a year-round sport. The dominant pitchers I noted have become so talented that they have literally changed the nature of the game. Is that a bad thing?

What about the parents? Not only has fastpitch produced some amazing athletes, but some pretty phenomenal parents as well. They supply amazing support for their daughters in the form of lessons, clinics, travel, team expenses and product purchases. Has the pressure to compete in the fastpitch world taken a toll on them?

We’d like to hear from you. There’s plenty to love about fastpitch softball. What do you love, and what don’t you?

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