By Courtney Austin.

Ashley got her first pair of spikes last season and immediately fell in love with them. And why shouldn’t she? Spikes can completely revolutionize your game. She practiced in them for weeks before her first game of the season. However, the first time Ashley wore metal spikes at a tournament she walked into a concrete dugout and almost fell flat on her face. If you’re like Ashley and it’s the first time you’re allowed to wear spikes, here are three tips to make the switch go as easy as possible.

1. Know the rules.
Before you start lacing up your shiny new spikes, it’s important to know where you can and can’t wear them. Scan this list and find your league to know if you can wear spikes.

(ASA reserves the right for Local Association rules to prohibit wearing spikes in state or metro championship play if they choose.)

It’s always best to check with your coach before committing to metal if you’ve been wearing molded. Some individual coaches have their own preferences and rules when it comes to wearing spikes.

2. Improve your game.

Spikes are designed to offer more traction on the field, which allows players better control while running and fielding. Another benefit to making the switch to metal is that they are the standard at higher levels of play.

3. Watch where you walk.

While spikes provide the most traction on the field, off the field is a completely different story. Avoid Ashley’s mishap by walking carefully in dugouts and remember to take off your spikes before walking in that concrete bathroom or on cement between games.

Wearing the right cleats can completely change your game – just make sure to practice walking before you run. Try on a pair today and get started with your new shoes because, like Ashley, you’ll never want to go back.

About the Author:

Courtney Austin is a member of Ringor’s Customer Experience Team..

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