By Stephanie Andrade.

Athletic scholarships are a great way to get some funding for school, but sometimes an athletic scholarship only pays for a percentage of the costs that college can accrue. There are also some schools that do not offer athletic scholarships at all. So where do you find alternative scholarships to help with the price of tuition and other expenses? Here are some hints to maximizing your scholarship funds.

  • Focus on getting good grades.
    We’ve all heard it a thousand times: Get good grades. It is important for so many reasons, and here is one more. Earning scholarship money is just as competitive as the most important softball game you’ve ever played. In softball the more you practice and focus on improving your skills, the greater advantage you will have in that championship game. It is the same way in the classroom, and you will want every advantage you can get to earning scholarship money.
  • Check with your Major department.
    Often times there are scholarships available for students based on their declared major, and you should apply for as many as possible. Don’t have a declared major yet? No worries, there are still options for you. Check with the financial aid department as well. Sometimes scholarships like this are open to any student regardless of course of study. These awards may be donated by alumni, and usually they are looking to present the scholarship to someone they can relate to. The person they are looking for could be you!
  • Keep searching and applying for scholarships.
    New scholarships are offered all the time, so keep plugging away at searching for them. Again it is just like softball, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Apply for as many scholarships as possible.

Just like in softball, you’ll have to work hard for the desired results. Whether your scholarship is athletic- or academic-based, no matter how big or how small the amount, be proud of your scholarship money because you worked hard and earned it.

About the Author:

Stephanie Andrade has been immersed in women’s softball for almost fifteen years. She began playing at an early age. She played college softball at the College of the Redwoods, and the club team at the University of Oregon. Today, she is a recruiting coordinator for College of the Redwoods. Stephanie is also the assistant softball coach for Oregon Blaze-Bowman 18 Gold in Beaverton, Oregon. Stephanie is a member of Ringor’s Customer Experience Team.

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