By Courtney Austin.

Can you imagine being kept out of the final game of your college career by a bottle of water? This is exactly what happened to Cara when she found herself being hospitalized after becoming extremely dehydrated. She hadn’t missed a game up to this point, had trained and played hard all season, only to be sidelined by a lack of proper hydration.

Cara and her team suffered from this unfortunate, but preventable situation. Today it is easy to be too busy to eat and drink properly, but as a student athlete it is even more important not to skip this important part of staying strong.

Here are some healthy tips to help you avoid what happened to Cara:

1. Hydration is key.

We’ve all heard we should “drink lots of fluids.” However, that doesn’t mean drink as much soda or sugary juice as you want. Soda, coffee or other sweet beverages can actually dehydrate you. Instead, keep a water bottle on you at all times and refill it as much as possible. If water isn’t your favorite thing, try adding a few drops of lemon juice or following this recipe for homemade berry flavored ice cubes.

2. Eat better, play better.

Nutrition is just like your game: you’re going to get out of it what you put in to it. You bought the highest quality bat, glove and spikes because they help your game. Food is the same way; if you eat high quality ingredients they help your health. Avoid foods high in sugar or sodium and focus on incorporating more lean proteins and vitamins into your diet. Similarly, skipping meals can be just as harmful as eating poorly. Being at the top of your game requires you to be 100% alert and skipping meals can cause your brain to stop functioning at the best of its ability.

3. Nutrition is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you avoid healthy eating five days a week, but eat like an all-star on tournament days, you still won’t get the results you’re looking for. Just like you can’t skip conditioning all year and then expect to be the best because you warmed-up before the game. A poor diet can cause you to lose focus, and loosing focus can result in mental errors or preventable injuries.

Cara doesn’t get a second chance at her final college game. Don’t make the same mistake this season by not taking your health and nutrition seriously. You train hard for each game of the season. Start changing your diet now and get healthy in time for your first tournament of the year.

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Courtney Austin is a member of Ringor’s Customer Experience Team..

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