If you’ve learned anything from our latest line of softball cleats (besides our commitment to quality fastpitch footwear), it’s that we listen to our coaches and athletes and use their input in every step of the design process. The Diamond Bandit II is a perfect example of this collaboration between our fans and our designers. Let’s take a look at how the all-new Diamond Bandit II was redesigned with the help of fastpitch athletes and coaches, who are out there putting our softball cleats to the test every day.

A Tale of Two Spikes

Athletes love the lightweight performance of our Diamond Bandit. The original Diamond Bandit combined an unprecedented 10 oz. design with the performance demanded by top fastpitch athletes around the world. Once released, the design was a hit at all levels of play, from travel teams and high school squads, to top collegiate athletes and pros.

The New Diamond Bandit II Softball Cleat by Ringor Fastpitch

However, without the same look teammates didn’t have the option to choose the perfect cleats for their game. That’s why we took the design elements, including the filled in logo, and leather-like upper of the Dynasty II and applied it to the Bandit’s lightweight midsole and spikes. The result is more options for Ringor teams. Now athletes can get the lightweight performance, while matching the style and design of the rest of their team who may choose our Dynasty.

Now in Wide Sizes

The New Diamond Bandit II Softball Cleat by Ringor Fastpitch

Not every foot is the same and with the new synthetic leather upper, the Diamond Bandit II has less give than the all-leather Dynasty. So to provide a better fit for all players, we added a Diamond Bandit II Wide option. It’s available in white, black and grey, and looks very similar to the standard Bandit II, just with a little extra width so wider feet can slide in comfortably.

Discover the Diamond Bandit II

Want to check out the all-new Diamond Bandit II for yourself? Visit Ringor.com for more info and to pick up your own pair. And you can bet we’ll be giving you a hands on experience with the Diamond Bandit II softball cleats when we hit the road this spring on the Ringor Tour 2016.


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