By Kent Wagner and Derek Atwood, Softball Dads

We both have daughters who play softball.  Being a Softball Dad is a huge responsibility, and an enormous source of pride.

Here are some tips we’ve learned over the years, tips that daughters and fathers can use:

Why We Are Softball Dads

We enjoy spending time with our daughters.  They grow up all too quickly.  When they were little girls, we sat in tiny chairs and drank pretend tea with them.  It was great.  Now, we go to softball games together!  It’s still great.  We’re still spending time with them.  Softball is an excellent father-daughter bonding experience.

You can recognize a softball dad by these telltale signs:

  • We have bags under our eyes.  It seems like we are always on the go with our daughters.
  • We have team stickers all over our cars.  It’s easy to tell who we root for.
  • We are wearing team sweatshirts, hats and visors.
  • We gravitate towards other softball dads.  It’s as if we have our own special club.

Why It Matters

Being softball dads gives us the opportunity to teach more life skills to our daughters.

  • How to be part of a team, and how to compete together.
  • Discipline, to use time wisely, to develop good habits.
  • “The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat,” and how to respond to both.

By our example, we teach sportsmanship.  It’s another life lesson that our daughters must master for greater success in their lives.  Real softball dads don’t’ yell negative comments from the stands.  Real softball dads yell encouragement to their daughters and her teammates.

How to Develop the Best Softball Dads

If you are a player, encourage your dad to support you in the amazing sport of softball.  Have him come to your practices and your games.  Help him get involved.  Even if he can’t spell “softball,” maybe all he needs is an invitation to be part of your sport.” 

If you are a coach, ask your players to bring their dads with them.  Give each dad something to do, from rooting in the stands to helping in the dugout. 

If you are a dad, start by showing up.  Your daughter will be impressed, even if she’s at the age where she doesn’t want to be seen with you.   You’ll be doing something important, together.


About the Authors

Derek Atwood is a team sales manager at Ringor.  Kent Wagner is Ringor’s supply chain manager.  Both Derek and Kent have daughters who play softball.  Their daughters consider them true Softball Dads.


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