Any player can tell you that fastpitch softball is no child’s play. Every game and practice that you go through, you’re working on your throwing form, your base-running speed, your batting stance and more, but have you ever thought about everything else you’re improving?

Amanda Scarborough knows more than a thing or two about what you can learn on the ball field and in the dugout, but she’s also written a great breakdown of all the off-field benefits of the softball way of life. Hardworking athletes at all levels of play learn time management, relationship and communication skills, perseverance and resilience from the game. You also get the chance to travel, whether it’s from town to town, county to county, or continent to continent, and the more people you meet, the bigger your softball community. Read Amanda’s take on all the different ways the sport can make an impact in her post, “10 Reasons Softball Can Change Your Life.”.

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