Most of us in northern climates will be moving indoors for training in the coming months. Working hard on mechanics, drills and fitness are great ways to get ahead in the winter months and be at the top of your game, when it’s time to throw on the softball cleats and move back outside. And if you’re in high school, looking to play in college (hopefully with a scholarship) winter (for freshman, sophomores and juniors) is a great time to look into recruiting tips from those who have been through it. Learning how to put together your recruiting reel or just best practices for contacting coaches and schools, make for time well spent when you can’t be outside.

Here’s a collection of pointers (in video form!) we think would be helpful in your softball recruiting goals.

In this video from All TeamExpress, former Texas A&M pitcher, Amanda Scarborough dishes on what helped her get noticed by softball recruiters. Amanda suggests emailing coaches as early as 8th grade to invite them to your tournaments. She also pushes select teams over high school teams for getting noticed.

Next up, Carrie Dever-Boaz gives us some pointers on making a highlight tape. Just like writing a good paper, Carrie suggests keeping your reels short, along with a number of other great tips. Check it out and get your softball recruiting highlight reel started!

> Watch this video

Rounding out this post (we’ll bring you more this winter) is one of NSCA’s interview videos. This time they check in with UTSA Head Coach, Amanda Lehotak for some tips on what she looks for in players, including their behavior after the game. As Lehotak puts it, “it is the total package.”

Are you hoping to play fastpitch in college? What questions do you have about the process. Post a comment and let us know and we’ll follow up with coaches and players for future posts based on your questions..

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