Here’s the follow-up to Part 1 of William Jewell Head Coach, Dustin Combs’s softball recruiting tips. Last week Coach Combs covered “Getting Seen” and “Starting the Conversation”. Take a look below on the next steps in the collegiate softball recruiting process.

Step 3: “Get in front of College Coaches on your list”

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Dustin Combs

With the number of softball players at any one tournament it is impossible for coaches whose programs you’re interested in to see every game you play. This requires you to get in front of them. Attend camps and clinics of the colleges on your list. Camps and Clinics are a great way to see the Coach’s coaching style and philosophy as well as see the campus, facilities and town of the College or University you’re interested.

However, it is impossible to attend every camp logistically and financially be conscious when deciding which camps to attend. Therefore a skills video is a great way to show a coach your ability and athleticism. The video should be 2-3 minutes long which focuses on the fundamentals of the game. Remember this isn’t a “highlight” video so it doesn’t require game footage or music. Again be concise and to the point with the content of the skill video as coaches receive hundreds of videos a month to review.

Step 4: “Play the game the right way!”

As an athlete understand what College Coaches are looking for. Have composure: Every coach is looking for a 5 tool player; however, we’re also looking for how you react to adversity. I know how a player is going to respond after hitting a bases loaded double, but how you react to a bases loaded strike out is equally as important. If you are a player who loses composure after adversity and takes that failure to the field defensively or into the circle than you are showing a weakness that will only be more exposed at a higher level. Be a great teammate! Being a great teammate is the most important quality a player can have.

My favorite quote is a question that we have every girl in our program ask themselves every day: “What kind of team will we be if everyone is a teammate like me?” This can both positively and negatively affect the team. And last: Play the game hard and with passion! Understand that playing softball at the collegiate level is a privilege and an opportunity not everyone gets. The most important aspect of the process is finding the right “fit.”

Have any questions for college coaches? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get them answered!.

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