Every athlete knows that what’s on your feet can mean the difference between a game-ending out and a game-winning run. And it really matters where the rubber hits the road, or in this case, the cleats hit the dirt. For most of the history of bat and ball sports, the cleat pattern on the bottom of softball cleats has remained pretty much the same – at least in the past twenty years. While the cleats or studs have changed materials and shapes, the pattern in which they’re applied to the bottom of the shoe has seen little development. So we went to the lab to develop a better pattern to improve the way your feet pivot, helping you in the batter’s box, in the basepath and around the field to perform at your best, without your softball cleats holding you back.

Ring Grip TechnologyAfter looking at a variety of cleat patterns, it occurred to us that a circular pattern under the ball of the foot would not only create a more agile pair of molded softball cleats, but would also improve the comfort when standing on hard ground for long games and tournaments. We called this first-of-its kind, two circle pattern RING-GRIP and it’s now available on all of our molded softball cleats.

As an athlete you’ve come to appreciate the importance of your first step. Whether it’s making your first move in the field as you watch the ball come off the bat, gaining the extra step you need to catch that rocket of a line drive in the gap, or digging in to get a jump on the catcher and steal second, that first step can make a huge difference in any play or the game itself. Where RING-GRIP excels is in those first steps and any situation where you need improved grip at different angles. The double circle pattern adds grip at every angle, unlike classic cleat patterns which may slip more easily when you turn, pivot and push off in another direction. You are constantly working on your footwork to get a better stride or jump, and the ability to have traction when you need it, in any direction, is a game changer on the field.

If you prefer molded softball cleats, we encourage you to try our models featuring RING-GRIP technology and see what a difference grip at any angle can make in your game..

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