We recently launched our all-new youth softball cleats line, featuring the brand new Spark and the redesigned (and resized) Diamond Dynasty 2.0. Check them out in the Ringor Store if you haven’t yet… they’re awesome! It may seem obvious to some that selling more sizes of cleats means more customers for Ringor, but stepping into the youth market was more than a business decision for us. Youth softball athletes are the future of our sport and here’s why:

Youth players are everywhere. In the US, the ASA/USA Youth Softball Program accounts for more than 80,000 teams and 1.3 million players, represented in age divisions from 10 and under to 18 and under. Worldwide, Little League Softball counts more than 24,000 teams and 360,000 athletes in their association. That’s a lot of young athletes beginning and continuing their dreams of no-hitters, walk-off home runs, and diving catches to save the game.

As much as we love international amateurs and college athletes, it’s the grassroots youth programs that have the furthest reach and are helping to grow the sport from the ground, up. So while we’ve been refining our designs to give athletes at the top of their game the softball cleats that deliver game-changing performance, we thought it was time the athletes at the beginning of their game have access to the same quality cleats.

For years, those 1.6 million, plus, youth softball athletes have had limited choices in softball cleats. And what kid doesn’t want to make their own choice? So as the only footwear company dedicated to fastpitch softball, we set out to deliver a selection of cleats that would give youth athletes both what they wanted and what they needed to excel in their careers.

As our Marketing Manager Joelle Fanger put it, “We created the Spark and Diamond Dynasty 2.0 Youth softball cleats to give young athletes a choice in their young careers. We understand athletes’ commitment to the sport of fastpitch, because we live it ourselves. And we hope that by giving more youth athletes the option to wear softball cleats designed by fastpitch athletes, that it will help continue to grow the sport.”

We hope that our new youth softball cleats do help to grow the sport by giving young players the cleats they want and not just the cleats they’re given. The Spark and Diamond Dynasty 2.0 are just the first step in helping youth softball athletes achieve their dreams on the field. And we’re excited to be a part of the next steps too..

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