For those baseball players who made those footprints in RINGOR cleats over the years; we say thank you. We thank you for recognizing a high quality product when you found it. We thank you for taking us around the bases with you – we’ve truly enjoyed the ride.

More than a decade ago, RINGOR also pioneered footwear for the game of fastpitch softball by producing the very first cleat designed for the woman’s foot. We were immediately embraced by the fastpitch community and are proud to be, today, the foremost footwear brand in the sport. We’re proud to see thousands of RINGOR cleat patterns etched in the dirt of softball diamonds across the country; and across the globe.

It is the customer who has placed their heart and soul into their chosen sport. We’ve simply had the honor of providing them with a better piece of personal equipment so that they can create their own legacy in sports filled with heritage, legends and myths.

It is with sincere gratitude that we say thank you to all the players and teams that we have touched over the years. We have delivered our best to the best customers, and you have rewarded and honored us with your passion and your commitment. Quality is not just a product benefit to the RINGOR brand. It is our guiding light and something we will not compromise.

Therefore as we focus on the future as a quality footwear leader, we recognize the need to step down from the game of baseball and focus solely on fastpitch softball. We will never compromise quality to simply participate in a market, because that would compromise the quality of that market. Our customers give their best performance and they should expect the best from the companies they purchase from.

And that is what RINGOR is going to continue to bring by focusing our full attention on women’s fastpitch softball. Effective immediately, RINGOR will refocus its products, its people, and its passion on the fastpitch game. We thank our fans in baseball for their support and look forward to building upon the legions of fans in fastpitch.

Here’s to imprinting the infield dirt with you for many seasons to come. Swing hard, field clean, run swift and leave it all between the lines.

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