A Young Player’s Dreams by Lindsay Phillips

Carly dreams of someday playing college ball. She’s 11 now, but the thought of being on a college field brings a broad smile to her face.

Recently, one of Carly’s dreams came true. She was coached and mentored by the players and coaches of the Wildcats of Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Dreams Come True

Carly cautiously stepped onto the field with the Wildcats players and coaches. It was a perfect spring day. The sun was shining. The air was crisp. She was nervous. Would she measure up? Would the Wildcats accept her?

All of her fears dissolved in an instant. True, it was a Wildcats practice session, but today’s session was special. The Wildcats players are already living out their fastpitch softball dreams. Now, they were helping Carly live out her dreams. At this practice session, they were “playing it forward” by helping younger players. Players and coaches were taking time from the regular practice session to help her improve her hitting, bunting and base-running skills.

Lessons Learned

Carly was taught some great softball skills that she can apply to her game right away. The biggest thing that Carly took away from this amazing day was people helping people; a skill that she can use for life. On that day, the Wildcats “played it forward.”

What Will You Do to “Play It Forward?”

The Wildcats are living Linfield’s motto: “Connecting Learning, Life, and Community.” They are giving back by mentoring young players, helping them achieve their dreams.

When it’s your turn to “play it forward,” how will you share your gifts? After all, isn’t that what women’s fastpitch softball is all about?.

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