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Bad calls happen, just like bad plays but we can’t let them become our focus and take us out of our game. Discover 4 things that will help you Handle those Bad Calls.

  1. Take Charge – I know that some umpires are bad, but you can’t let bad be in charge. If you do then you become the victim to their bad. I know that sounds harsh, calling you a victim, but since victims aren’t in charge that’s what you become if you let bad call control you. Umpires make bad calls just like players make bad plays and coaches make bad decisions. “Bad” happens in softball so when you run across a bad call, just adjust. Instead of fighting the umpire by arguing with their calls, or letting their calls be an excuse for your poor play you’ve got to adjust and take charge!
  2. Leave the Emotion Out of It – What’s so great about sports is that it puts us in pressure situations and sees how we’ll deal with it. If you keep making good adjustments then chances are you win. But, if you get too emotional about yourself, your teammates, the opponents or the umps – then chances are they win. So the next time there’s a bad call, leave your emotion out of it.
  3. Be a Good Teammate – The powerful part about team sports is when you aren’t good your teammates can pick you up and sometimes your play picks up your teammates. If you let a bad call beat you then you’re letting down your teammates. When you’re a part of a team your behavior impacts your teammates so make sure you play to support your team instead of to argue with an umpire.
  4. Learn & Move On – When you find yourself letting a bad call take you out of a game then know you’re human – but quickly move on. Pressure gets the better of everyone once-in-a-while, just make sure you quickly get over it and get back to being a contributing teammate.

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