Coaching & Pre-Season Prep

Coaching at Canby High School

I am currently the head coach at Canby, a 6A high school in Oregon. I am also a member of the 2010 Akron Racers who are coached this year by Crystl Bustos. Pretty Cool. This is my 4th season as head coach at the HS and we just clenched our 17th consecutive playoff birth to state. Now along with that my 7th season in the NPF is rapidly approaching. I cannot wait to get back on the field.

It has been a struggle this HS season with the weather being super wet, and then the kids’ performance has been up and down. I have a lot of talent on my team and I love to coach these girls. At this point in the season I am getting some of my own reps with my kids at practice. It’s fun during little scrimmages, to hop in, and run the bases against them. I get practice, and I get to teach them something. It’s a win-win situation even though I feel the most benefited because I want on the field so bad.

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Playoff Wrap-Up & Akron

Grants Pass was a very tough team. They went on to play Sunset High School at Oregon State University for the state title. Grants Pass beat Sunset 2-1 in 11 innings in what turned out to be a very close game.  

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Travel Guide for Travel Softball Parents

If you’re anything like me, you wait until the last minute to pack for a trip and then once you’re on the road you realize you left something important behind.   Whether it’s your itinerary, lucky socks or your phone, leaving something behind can put a serious wrinkle into your trip.

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My First Series with the Akron Racers

Nashville is a very pretty place though it is also very hot!  There were a few little cafes just down the street from the school that were very cute.  They had a very “Portland” type feel to them.  The whole area had a very “Portland” or just “Oregon” feel to it in general.  There’s even a Portland Ave. right near the campus.  The people were so down to earth and nice.  Even the shops and restaurants were interesting, much like Portland.  Lots of runners were making this main stretch of road part of their daily route and I can see why.  I added this route to my daily run because I loved all the things there were to look at.

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A Farewell to One of Softball’s Greatest

Thank you, Jennie Finch, for always taking the time to talk to each little girl that you could. Thank you for always signing the autograph for the little player who wanted nothing more than to have you look her way. And thank you for helping change the worlds’ perspective on what a female softball player looked and acted like. You can never be thanked enough.

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