Do You Play “Softball” or “Fastpitch”?

Sure, most high schools or colleges will probably continue to label it as “girls softball” or “womens softball”, so that everyone will “get it” but isn’t the word softball kind of inaccurate?

After all, softballs aren’t soft. It hurts to get hit with one. It’s hurts a lot. Plus, the pitching is fast. Really fast.

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15 Uses For Softball Cleats They Never Intended

  1. Door Stop Ever needed to prop a door open while moving a heavy object?  Or had your hands full and the only thing within reach was a pair of softball cleats? (Me neither, but work with me here.) Just take one of your softball cleats and wedge the toe underneath the door to keep it from closing. Now you don’t have to worry about the door hitting you on the way in.

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Why Team Cleats Make You Awesome

Make Your Parents Proud

Ordering as a team is easier on your parent’s pocket book.  By not ordering individually, it means that your parents save some cash on your cleats and might be more inclined to buy you that brand new car when you turn 16.  (Kinda far fetched but it’s worth a try, right?)

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4 Tips on Making Your Cleats Last

First of all, thank you for choosing RINGOR. We appreciate your business and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with your purchase. You chose to spend a little more money on quality fastpitch softball footwear, and we want to help you keep your shoes in good condition for as long as possible.  Your RINGOR shoes are designed to last longer than any other brand on the market.  Now let’s help to maximize that. Below are 4 Tips to maximize the life and overall effectiveness of your RINGOR footwear.

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