By Scott Mackar – From Stack Magazine

We all know as a coach and player there are many factors that contribute to the win. Today we would like to talk about one of those factors. Conditioning!

After a long season, including three straight weeks on the road, the University of Washington softball team won their first-ever NCAA Championship. This would never have happened without a solid conditioning program.

Huskies strength and conditioning coach Hans Straub shows how the Huskies conditioned during the off-season to prepare for their marathon journey to the top of college softball through a combination of :

1.)    Top-Speed Development

2.)    Speed Endurance

3.)    Anaerobic Conditioning

To see the detailed weekly conditioning plan go to:

According to Huskies strength and conditioning coach Hans Straub, incorporating speed endurance and anaerobic work into the team’s off-season program was essential to building and maintaining a high conditioning level.


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