I hear it all the time from players that I work with.  I can’t workout because I can’t get to the gym or I don’t have anytime.  Some recommendations I have for a young travel softball player trying to get in shape.

Don’t use your softball practice to try to get into shape!  Sure a good softball practice will contain an effective warm-up with dynamic stretching, fundamental running, strength, speed and agility.  But, especially in the off season, practices are once maybe twice a week and there will not be enough time spent in those areas to get your self into shape.

Planning is the key.  Sit down and figure out your weekly schedule. These time management skills will not only help you to fit in good workout time but it will create a positive routine that will help in all your daily activities (i.e. homework, social time etc.) If it is written into your schedule you are more likely to do it!  Schedule a minimum of an hour 2-3  times a week to do aerobic workouts.  Contrary to popular belief, you can get a good workout in without going to the gym.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A ROUTINE AND STICK TO IT!

An effective conditioning routine must incorporate; proper nutrition, proper hydration, flexibility, strength and some form of aerobic activity.  This is an exercise that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping!  Examples of these exercises would be walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, and jumping rope and/or strength training exercises using body weight, resistance bands, free weights or machines.

MINIMUM SPACE needed;   if you do not have the time or the means to go to a gym you can get a good work out in with minimum space.  You can incorporate flexibility, body weight exercises for strengthening and use your backyard to do circuit training workout/or sprints for cardio.


2 minutes                     light jog in place or jump rope

10-15minutes              dynamic Stretching

15 minutes                   circuit training

10 minutes                   sprint/ jog/ sprint

10-15 minutes             cool down and stretching

  • 45 seconds on task and 30 seconds rest pick  8 exercises that can work your core
  • You want to rotate and work legs, abs, arms, cardio, legs abs, arms, and cardio (you get the idea!)
  • Do the circuit 3 times following the order:


45 sec              squats

30 sec              rest

45 sec              leg lifts (lay on back/ shoulders slight off ground/ legs straight pick up 6 inches off ground hold for 30 seconds

30 sec              rest

45 sec              modified push ups or regular pushups

30 sec              rest

45 sec              jump rope

30 sec              rest


45 sec              lunges

30 sec              rest

45 sec              crunches

30 sec              rest

45 sec              arm circles (arms straight out in front/ thumbs down/ make tight small circle movements)

30 sec              rest

45sec               run in place with high knees

30 sec              rest


45 Sec             side lunges

30 sec              rest

45 sec             gut busters (body in a regular push up position/arms in plank position make sure back is flat)

30 sec             rest

45 sec              arms straight up over head open and close hands fast above head

30 sec              rest

45 sec              step ups (you can use the stairs in your house) step up step down alternate legs)

30 sec              rest

10-15 minute sprint work out

  • Set up 4 cones in a square ( 20 yds/10yds/20yds/10yds) 20 yards is 60ft. the base distance!
  • Sprint the 20yds/jog the 10yds/sprint the 20yds/jog the 10yds
  • Rest for 45 sec.
  • Repeat 4-6 times

10-15 minute cool down

Light jog and stretch.

You should always consult a doctor and a trainer before starting a vigorous workout program.  Proper technique is important and making sure you hydrate before, during and after the work out.  Good nutrition is the key to success!  Eating and eating properly is important so  your body has the fuel to workout.

If you don’t have access to a gym or a trainer these are some simple recommendations to help you achieve a better fitness level. Remember, NO GYM NO WORRIE doing something is better than nothing.  Good Luck!

Linda Derk’s Bio:
Linda Derk provides structured, professional softball instruction, equipment, apparel and consultation for both individuals and teams. A comprehensive softball background that includes coaching at every level of the game provides the foundation for offering a detailed program that focuses on player development on and off the softball diamond. For full bio: www.ldisports.org.

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