According to Kentucky Public Radio, the state could join Iowa as the first states to require face masks for some high school infielders, pitchers, first and third base. The proposed law would be the next step in a trend to combat the often-serious injuries incurred by infielders in a game being played with increasing speed and force and less than 43 feet between a pitcher’s face and a 100 mph line drive screaming off of a composite bat.

Meade County Softball Coach is quoted in the Kentucky Public Radio piece saying, “It doesn’t make sense to me that they made a rule that the batters had to wear a face mask because the pitchers were throwing 60 and 65 miles an hour and some of them were getting hit. Yet, the ball is being hit back at these pitchers and corners at 100 to a 120 mile an hour.”

Back in October we posted about the Iowa law and the trend across the country to require face masks for some or all infielders at the high school level ( You responded thoughtfully and honestly. With Kentucky working towards a face mask requirement, we’re wondering if it’s changed anyone’s minds about the use of face masks, or the requirement of face masks in softball. Is a law needed or should it be left to the athletic associations? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page..

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