by Joelle Fanger

As a parent you want to make the best decision possible about what you put on your child’s feet for sports.

Cost, durability and comfort all play a part in the decision process. We all know what it feels like to purchase a shoe for a 2-3 month sport season just to end up in a pile in the garage. We know our young athlete will have grown out of them by the time that season rolls back around the next year. Ringor would like to offer a solution to the hassle and habit of buying a different shoe for every season.

Introducing the highly versatile turf shoe!!!

Putting your young athlete in an all surface turf shoe will let your child go from the playing field to the playground and any place in between. They have great traction in dirt and wet grass and transition perfectly indoors for winter workouts or gym class. This multi-use concept will extend the life of their shoes and give your pocketbook a break.

Still need convincing? Adult athletes have been wearing turfs to play softball for years on every type of surface. They perform at a high level and enjoy the versatility that wearing turfs can offer them.

Let us know how you feel about this idea or if your young softball player is already wearing turf shoes to play in. We would love to hear about your experience.

About the Author:

Joelle Fanger is the Marketing Manager at Ringor. Joelle has played fastpitch from rec through college, and as a coach and softball mom, has a passion for the sport..

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