To all of the leftys out there, we salute you. You are versatile, different, and simply put, you look cool playing the game. We realize that you make the game more complete and help keep us on our toes. Thank you for being So. Very. Awesome.

You are so awesome, there is a day set aside to celebrate you and all your awesomeness- August 13th is National Left Handers Day, and we want to help celebrate!

We challenged all the rightys out there to video their best attempt at being a lefty. We have to admit, leftys, you’re undeniably great at what you do!

Leftys, here are your friends, your teammates, and your coaches trying to be as cool as you!

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Join the Lefty Club, pick up some lefty swag, and learn more about National Left Handers Day at the official Left Handers Day Website:


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