When the news about Monica Abbott’s history making, one million dollar deal broke a few weeks ago, we couldn’t have been more proud to support such a talented, hardworking, and humble athlete. Among the many great articles written by big news outlets we hope that you took a few minutes to watch Monica Abbott’s video: Believe in your Best, presented by Ringor.

The experience of filming a video that was so personal and so relatable to young ladies was an honor for Ringor to be a part of. When we asked Monica if she would be interested in making a video with us during her Monica Abbott Classic Tournament in Salinas, CA we didn’t know what the message was going to be. We went in completely unscripted (which is a little scary) and sat down for what turned out to be an overwhelmingly personal discussion. All we knew was that Monica Abbott was a grounded role model who needed to be heard and we were willing to give her a venue to share her story and her mission.

So, with that very broad vision for Monica’s video, we hopped on a plane to find out what story Monica wanted to tell the world.



How did we capture some of those amazing shots?
Here’s a few secrets from behind the shoot.



Our first stop in Salinas? Ice cream from the Foster Freeze that has been the Abbott’s family business for generations.  We had to fuel up for a great day of filming!

BLOG2Our film guy, Peter, let us play around with the sound equipment before Monica got there :) Then we sat down and really listened to Monica and what she had to say about softball, growing up in a small town, and just plain being a girl. We are so honored to support a woman with such a big heart.

BLOG3We asked Monica where she works out when she is at home in Salinas, and she said she likes to run stairs at the Rodeo Arena. Nothing fancy, just putting in real work. It was HOT! The sun beating off the metal, she must go before the sun is up!


This lucky softball player just got a quick pitching lesson from the best pitcher in the world. CRAZY!


It was fun to see Monica working out in places around her home town. This is the Salinas Storm Indoor facility, where she often goes in and throws into the wall. She did make our film guy a little nervous as he set the camera up in the batters box. We had to remind him that she can throw any ball exactly where she wants to, she wouldn’t miss 🙂


The sunset at the Bixby Bridge was UNREAL! We couldn’t have asked for a better wrap up to our shoot!


And a little post shooting selfie with Monie 🙂

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