Whether you’re new to the sport or are a seasoned veteran who just hasn’t had the opportunity to try a variety of cleats, some of you may be wondering what’s the difference between molded plastic cleats and metal softball cleats, aka “spikes”. Most molded and metal softball cleats are built on similar designs, with the only difference being the actual cleat, or spike on the sole of the shoe. Since Ringor designs softball cleats specifically for fastpitch athletes, we build our cleats from the ground-up, with the purpose of helping you be quicker and more agile when you’re on the field, without sacrificing comfort.

So which cleats are right for you?

When you have a choice in which style of cleats to wear (below we’ll talk about why many younger athletes do not have a choice), the decision often just comes down to the quality of the field you’ll play on most. Often youth leagues and smaller community summer leagues play on less manicured fields, which result in harder dirt and grass, where metal softball cleats either might not dig in as easily, just be less comfortable. Most likely, if you plan on playing on this type of surface often, a pair of molded fastpitch cleats will be preferable. The molded cleats on the base of the sole provide a touch more surface area, allowing you to stay a little higher on the dirt, while still giving you enough dig in the dirt and grass to allow for the quick pivots and agility you need in the most demanding games.

We’d also recommend molded softball cleats if you’re looking for a one-shoe quiver for the entire season, or with Ringor’s dependable quality — multiple seasons! Molded cleats are the work horse of softball footwear. They’ll give you enough support and dig on hard ground, while holding firm when the field gets sloppy after a hard rain. If you’re looking for a single pair of softball cleats that’ll perform reliably on any surface, then molded softball cleats are a great choice.

Then why choose metal cleats?

Metal softball cleats have long been the first choice for professional, collegiate and top level players around the world. The use of metal allows for a much lighter pair of softball cleats – as you can see in our 10 oz. Diamond Bandit Spikes. Metal softball cleats also give you better grip on soft ground, giving you the extra step of advantage when stealing bases or pivoting to dive for that line drive. At higher levels of play the dirt and grass is often reliably soft, aerated and watered for optimal play. This is where women’s metal softball cleats excel. If you’re lucky enough to be playing on well-maintained fields throughout the year, metal softball cleats are a must-have.

The deciding factor for many of you, however, will be less about the advantages of metal or molded softball cleats and more about which level of the sport you’re involved with. Most youth leagues prohibit metal softball cleats as they can be more dangerous to the less experienced athlete. So that right there will make your decision for you. But don’t worry, Ringor’s molded softball cleats are built with the same standards as our metal cleats, giving you world class performance from the only company dedicated to the sport of fastpitch softball..

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