As the sport of fastpitch softball progresses so must the equipment, especially the cleats. Your cleats are the connection between you and the game. They hold and pivot so you can create power in your swing and they dig deep and release to give you the speed you need to take that extra base. For years you’ve relied upon Ringor’s durable all-leather construction while other manufacturers went the way of cheaper materials. Now we’ve upped the game with the all-new lightweight outsole on the Ringor Diamond Dynasty 2.0, to create a cleat that delivers the best of both worlds.

The new design builds upon everything you already loved about Ringor’s fastpitch softball cleats. The Ring-Grip cleat pattern remains the same to provide grip where you need it most and all the new adult models of the Diamond Dynasty 2.0 are available with manufactured-on pitching toes, so hurlers can enjoy the same benefits of the new cleat design with added protection for their toes. We also kept the all-leather upper that athletes across the country have come to love and expect as a sign of top-quality manufacturing and reliability as they beat up on their cleats daily and their shoes keep coming back for more.

But as much as we can talk about how much of an improvement we’ve made in our cleats by creating the all-new lightweight molded outsole on the Diamond Dynasty 2.0, it’s really the athletes and coaches who have seen first-hand how much of a difference the new molded design makes, who are the ones you should be listening to. So here are some reviews from the coach and athletes of Georgia Academy Power on the new lightweight design:

Coach Jay Worley- “Last year our team absolutely loved our customized Ringor Dynasty’s. They were comfortable and their durability was great. Now, we just received our New Dynasty 2.0 and they are amazingly lighter which will translate into our girls performing better on the field. Kudos to Ringor for maintaining that same sleekness, comfort, and durability in the Dynasty 2.0 while helping increase agility and speed for our girls!”

Emma Worley- “Wow, these cleats are SOOOOOO much lighter now!”

Alissa Bolinger- “Ringor’s are awesome sauce!”

Annie Ormsby- “Oh yeah, I have the need for speed. Ringor Rules!”

Do we have your attention? The new Diamond Dynasty 2.0 changed the minds of these athletes, showing them that a molded, all-leather cleat can be lightweight and perform to the needs of the most demanding players. If you’re ready to discover what the Diamond Dynasty 2.0 can do for you, then check out the molded softball cleats page to take home your own pair..

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