By Courtney Austin.

Emily was a sophomore when she was sidelined for muscle pain. She had overused her pitching arm. Emily had a personal pitching coach, but in peak season she struggled to get as many lessons as she needed. To make matters worse, Emily’s coach had never noticed that her motion was just a little off. Emily’s arm was so sore she was forced to ride the bench for the rest of the season.

Emily’s problem might have been remedied, or even avoided, by talking to an online coach. That’s where a new website called Athletic Science* comes in.

Who Is Athletic Science?

Athletic Science is an online community of coaches and trainers who offer valuable insights on a variety of sports. Although the site was founded in October 2012, it just recently started offering lessons for softball athletes in January 2013. Athletic Science currently has seven coaches available for softball help, including Oakland Athletics’ player Josh Horton and experienced pitching coach Rick Pauly.

How Does Online Coaching Work?

Athletes can submit videos and questions to coaches who will respond with ways to help. One player submitted a 60 second video and a coach responded with a 27 minute video breakdown of every detail of her pitching motion including a slow motion analysis. This allows the coach to visually demonstrate the root causes of the problem. Now the athlete has all the tools to prepare for her season. Her online coach will also be available during the season to make sure her adjustments are on track, and the Athletic Science coaches can recommend drills to improve personal practice time.

Would You Use Online Coaching?

In a world where everything is online, RINGOR wants to know what you think about online coaching. As a player, would you take a lesson from an online coach? As a parent or coach, would you recommend your player take an online lesson that you could view together?

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about this new coaching technology.

* Ringor is not affiliated in any way with Athletic Science, their web site or its content. The reference in this blog post does not constitute any endorsement of any kind by Ringor.

About the Author:

Courtney Austin is a member of Ringor’s Customer Experience Team..

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