We are proud to introduce Ringor’s first-ever Umpire Shoe, designed to provide comfort, support, and durability throughout long games and tournaments so your razor-sharp focus can stay where it belongs – on the game at hand.

The rugged and comfortable Ringor Umpire Shoe is now available in men’s sizes in black leather with a subtle Ringor symbol in charcoal.

The Ringor Umpire Shoe was created with the same passion for softball and commitment to professionalism that umpires bring to the diamond each and every game. We understand the skill required to keep the innings moving, take no guff, call those close plays, stay cool under pressure, and concentrate from the first pitch to the last. So we concentrated on performance and comfort features designed to help umpires give their all on long days.

Our Ringor Umpire Shoe features a soft neoprene tongue and an additional layer of padding under the foot for extra comfort during long stretches spent as a plate or field umpire.

The shoe’s studded turf outsole provides superior traction, allowing you to pivot and move swiftly when you need to avoid fast-moving players while keeping your eye on the action. The traditional traction turf sole is designed for turf, dirt, or grass. The sole is also non-marking, so the umpire shoe transitions seamlessly indoors for working out in the gym.

This feature-packed shoe is sturdily constructed with an all leather upper, full-length REVA insole with Shock Sock below the insole for added comfort. The anti-odor insole is removable so you can easily keep your shoe in game-ready shape.

With all the performance you expect from Ringor, our umpire shoes are essential gear for long innings on hard ground. We’ve got your feet comfortably covered, whether you are umpiring a matchup between local high school teams or making crucial calls during a championship game at the end of a long tourney.

Visit Ringor.com to find out more about the all-new Ringor Umpire Shoe in black or pick yourself up a pair!

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