Sure, we’re all aware that two of the pinnacles of fastpitch softball play are the World Cup and (hopefully the return of) Olympic tournaments. However, because of the demands of that level of play, only a few women eventually get to experience international play. But not in Maudlin and Hillcrest, South Carolina!

Last week Grizzlies from Freising, Germany started their fastpitch practices in Maudlin. The Pullias family (including their daughter Hannah, who plays for Maudlin) has been hosting the entire German softball team, 14 girls, their coach and two chaperones in all who are over on this side of the Atlantic to gain some exposure to US fastpitch. That’s a full house!

The Grizzlies took the field on Saturday in a six-team tournament against five area fall ball travel teams, which was set up by former Presbyterian College coach Dave Majeski.

What do the Grizzlies think about playing in the US? Chiara Steffen told Greenville Online, “Softball has another standard here, just hustling and all that. It’s not that great in Germany, but here it’s just another atmosphere. Everyone feels kind of pumped, so practice feels a lot better.”

You’ve got it, Chiara. We ARE pumped! Pumped to play with girls from all over the world. Thank you Grizzlies for making the trip.

Exposure to international play at the travel team level? Count us in! Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come in high school and travel softball leagues.

Check out the full article on the Freising Grizzlies’ trip to South Carolina here..

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