“I would like to say thank you to my dad for everything he does for me. Thank you to my team for always having my back. Thank you to everybody who makes this possible for me. Go Ringor!”

Ringor: What team do you play for?pitch blog
Sam: Stateline Fury 16U

R: When did you start playing softball?

S: I probably started playing softball when I was five or six. And then I got into travel ball as soon as I could…probably around 10U.

R: What positions do you play?
S: I pitch and play first base.

R: Which one is your favorite?
S: Pitcher!

R: Do you want to pitch in college?
S: I would love to pitch in college. That’s my goal.

R: What colleges are you looking at?
S: Ummm, I would love to go somewhere in the South. Honestly anywhere that I can get a good education. I want a great school where I can play right away.

R: Your dad mentioned that you liked the heat.
S: Yeah! I am a really big heat person.  I think it helps me pitch better, play better, stay warm, and all around just go harder.

R: You had mentioned that you wanted to be a lawyer. Can you tell me more about that?
S: Well, I’ve always been into criminal justice. And actually one of my teachers at school mentioned to me that he thought that I would make good lawyer material. And I thought about it and I think that is what I really want to major in.

R: Other than going to college and becoming a lawyer…is there anything else on your bucket list? Dreams or goals that you want to accomplish?
S: I would really love to go on vacation some time and see the ocean. Living in Illinois, I have never seen the ocean.

R: You’ve never seen the ocean?!
S: No, the only travelling that I do is for softball and that’s kind of my vacation. So seeing the ocean is definitely on my bucket list, for sure.

R: Anything else?
S: Probably attend a Greenbay Packers game. Even though I’m from Illinois, I am a big Packers fan. So yeah, I would say that is definitely number 2 on my list! (Laughs)

dads blog

R: Who is your inspiration?
S: Honestly I would say that my inspiration is my father. Just for the fact that, I mean, he hasn’t had the greatest life, but he does everything he can for me…and strives for me to do better every day.

R: That sounds wonderful. You two make quite the team!
S: Yeah (Laughs)

R: If you could binge watch Netflix or Youtube, what would it be?
S: Netflix.

R: What’s your go-to show on Netflix?
S: Hmmmm…I would have to say “American Horror Story”.

R: Really? I heard it’s really good!
S: Yeah! It’s really dark and creepy and mysterious, but I love everything about it. It keeps me entertained and interested.

R: I’ll have to check it out! If you could be any animal, what would you be?
S: I would probably say an elephant because of the fact that they are cute, but also powerful and scary.

R: Is that how you would describe yourself as a pitcher—powerful and scary?
S:  (Laughs) I mean, I would like to think that I’m not scary, but I have been told that I am a little bit intimidating sometimes. So I take softball serious the most here on the field.

R: Do you have a favorite softball moment or crazy softball story?
S: Oh man, this is a tough one. After playing for so long? Hmm…I would probably say hitting my first homerun over the fence. First pitch that I got to see and it went dead center about 220 (ft). And it was a three-run homerun. So I would say that was probably my favorite moment.

R: How long ago was that?
S: Uhh, I think last year. I’ve gotten close since, but it seems that every time I hit a ball long, we never have a fence up.


R: What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome throughout softball?
S: Well, honestly being a pitcher, it’s the mental aspect of the game. I mean, you have the ball every play and you have the chance to make more mistakes that anyone else out on the field. So, I feel like that’s probably been it. You know, overcoming hits and everything, but I feel like I’ve done it well.

R: Wow, well said! What is your favorite part of playing the game?
S: I would have to say just being out there on the field makes me feel like nothing else. I mean, it just feels like home…something I know, something that I don’t second guess myself with every time.

back blogR: If you could only pitch or only hit for the rest of your softball career, which would you choose?
S: I would have to say pitch. I love being in the circle. It’s my favorite thing. I like the pressure on me and I like kind of having everything in my hands.

R: Why do you choose Ringor?
S: I wear Ringor because it is honestly my favorite pair of cleats. They’re comfortable, they’re durable, they last a long time, and they look great.

R: What is your favorite go-to tournament snack?
S: Peaches! I’ve always loved peaches, especially if you get them in the cup. Yeah…that’s like my favorite thing, but I will eat just about anything. (Laughs) And this may sound weird but I have Cucumber Gatorade, and it is my go-to drink.

R: What?! There is a Cucumber Gatorade?!
S: It’s “Cucumber Limon” and I buy it at Wal-Mart. It’s probably the best thing that I have ever drank. It’s so refreshing!

R: Is there anything you would like to say to your teammates or supporters?
S:  I would like to say thank you to my dad for everything he does for me. Thank you to my team for always having my back. Thank you to everybody who makes this possible for me. Go Ringor!.

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