“He’s been my coach for the longest time and gives me all the tips and pointers that I know about softball. He coaches me right now.”

Question: What team(s) do you play for?
Maddie: I play for the Grizzlies.

Q: How long have you played softball?
M: I’ve played softball since I was able to, so probably around five or six maybe.

Q: Have you always wanted to play?
M: Yeah, I just really liked t-ball and softball. I just really liked it a lot.

Q: What position do you play?
M: Shortstop.

Q: What do you love most about playing shortstop?
M: A lot of the action is at shortstop and you get a lot of grounders over there.

Q: What has been your craziest softball moment?
M: I broke my collarbone diving for a ball. I snapped it completely in half and was out for three months. I could feel the bone, it was almost poking out of my skin!  I cried, but it wasn’t the fact that it hurt. I was crying because I didn’t want to have surgery. (laughs)

Q: Were you scared of surgery?
M: Uhh, yes. I don’t like surgery, it’s scary.

Q: But you caught the ball?
M: Yeah, so it was worth it.


Q: If you could binge watch Netflix or Youtube, which would it be?
M: Youtube. There is more variety and different things you can watch.

Q: Do you have any superstitions?
M: No, not really.

Q: How do you prepare for a game?
M: Try to relax. Pump up music and hanging out with my teammates, that’s what helps me.

Q: Any go-to songs?
M: Anything upbeat.

Q: What are three things you can’t live without?
M: My phone, my bed, and softball.

Q: Who is your favorite superhero?
M: Superman, I really like him.

Q: What super power would you choose and what would your name be?
M: I would fly! But I have no idea what my name would be.

Q: What is your go- to snack at tournaments?
M: Seeds, definitely Dill pickle.


Q: Who inspires you?
M: My Dad. He’s been my coach for the longest time and gives me all the tips and pointers that I know about softball. He coaches me right now. (Laughs)

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?
M: Hopefully…hopefully (crosses fingers) get a scholarship at really any college close to here, for one of my sports.

Q: You play other sports? What else do you play?
M: Softball and soccer, but I am not sure which one I want to get a scholarship for. One of the two, though.

Q: Which do you like more, softball or soccer?
M: They are kind of half and half. I like both of them, so I am not sure which.

Q: Why do you choose to wear RINGOR?
M: Because they are really comfortable. They are…what’s the word…quality shoes and they can take a lot of damage. Like, my dogs have chewed on these and they have still survived..

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