“Softball has helped me with my attitude, staying positive and working hard.” -Jazmine Young

R: What is your name?
J: Jazmine Young

R: What position do you play?
J: Pitcher, 3rd, and 1st

R: And what team do you play for?
J: Salem Aftershock 12U

R: What is your most memorable softball moment?
J: Last season we were losing a game and we fought back and ended up winning, and we took 1st place in the whole tournament!


R: What do you think is something that softball has taught you?
J: Softball has helped me with my attitude, staying positive and working hard.

R: What’s your favorite part of softball?
J: My teammates.

R: Oh yes, its like having 12 sisters right? What do you guys like to do together?
J: We do outside activities which is fun, but also I just really like going to practice with them and playing tournaments with them.

R: Do you play any other sports?
J: Yep, basketball and volleyball.

R: Which is your favorite?
J: Softball!


R: Outside of softball, is there anything that you really want to do?
J: Maybe go on a cruise or a vacation to Hawaii or something like that.

R: (Laughs) Somewhere warm?
J: Yes, definitely!

R: Ok, let’s see, if you could be any animal which animal would you be and why?
J: Hmmmm, maybe a dog. Because I like dogs and they are happy and silly.

R: Do you have any dogs?
J: Yeah, we have one. And my sister has a hamster.

R: Do you know what you might want to do when you grow up?
J: Yeah, after I play softball in college then I want to be a dentist?

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R: Why a dentist?
J: Because I think that it is a good job and I can help people. Also then I can support my family when I have one.

R: Oh yes, thinking ahead. So you want to play softball in college, do you have a dream school to play for?
J: Yes, the University of Oregon. We go and watch them play and they are really good.

R: Yeah they are, that’s an awesome goal. It will take a lot of hard work to get there! Do you have a goal for this season?
J: Yes, I want to make sure that I keep pitching better and that I don’t let slumps get to me.

R: Oh yeah, how do you work through a slump?
J: I talk to my teammates around me. Or my catcher comes and talks to me, then usually I just relax and do better.

R: That’s a great way to get through it. That’s why you are all out there together, to help each other out!


R: Ok, last couple questions…those Ringors look brand new! Do you know what style they are?
J: Yeah, they are Diamond Dynasty’s, with the Pitching Toe.

R: Yeah! Have you gotten to break them in yet?
J: Not really, but they are really comfy when I put them on!

R: Great, we love to hear that! Good luck this season, sounds like you have been working hard! Keep it up, you sure are #softballstrong!


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