We talk to teammates Clara Taggart and Sophia Verdegaal. Both of these young ladies are in 6th grade, have been playing softball since they were 5, and love their Ringor cleats! Get to know them in their “Inside the Cleats” interviews!


Sophia Verdegaal

R: How long have you worn Ringor Diamond Dynasty’s?
S: About a year

R: What do you like most about them?
S: They have good traction and I can slide without hurting myself.

R: Do you think you will wear Ringors for life?
S: Yep!

R: Why are you number 5?
S: I really don’t know! (laughs)

R: You don’t know? Haha, was it just given to you?
S: Yeah, and then I just stuck with it.

R: How long have you played softball?
S: Since I was 5

comb soph
R: Who got you into it?
S: My dad. He played baseball.

R: What grade are you in?
S:  I’m 11 years old and in the 6th grade.

R: Any softball goals?
S: Play in high school and college.

R: Any colleges you are looking at?
S: Uhhh, no not yet.

R: How long have you been a catcher?
S: Since I was in 8U. I chose to be a catcher because the best thing is throwing people out but the worst thing is getting hurt so you can’t play anymore.

R: Have you gotten hurt?
S: Yeah yesterday I got hurt. We were talking with our team and I turned around and a ball from another field hit me right in my throwing arm shoulder.

R: Whoa, well I don’t think it affected you too much because you had a cannon for an arm today! Do you have any siblings?
S: Yes, one younger brother. His name is Tucker.

R: Do you play any other sports?
S: Volleyball. I want to continue playing both.

R: Anybody you wanna give a shout out to?
S: My coaches. Steve, Carlos, and Tom. They have taught me everything I know.



Clara Taggart

R: What position do you play?
Clara: Left Field

R: Why do you play left field?
C: Well, I also play catcher, but I like left field too. I’m pretty fast!

R: How long have you played softball?
C: Since I was 5

R: Why do you wear number 25?
C: Because my favorite football player is 25.

R: Who is your favorite football player?
C: He is on the Buffalo Bills.

R: How old are you?
C: I am 11.

R: What grade are you in?
C:  6th

R: What school do you go to?
C: South Side Elementary in Hollister.

clara collage

R: Who got you started in softball?
C: My dad. He got me into Tball and I loved it.

R: What is your favorite thing about softball?
C: When you get a giant hit to the outfield and your entire team congratulates you and that’s the best.

R: What about when you are in a slump, how do you get out of it?
C: Well, I go to my batting coach, John Young, and he teaches me a lot of good things.

R: What about when you are in the middle of a game. How do you adjust then?
C: Well, (to a faster pitcher) usually you need to shorten up your stroke, but I take an earlier step in their wind up. I take my step quicker that way I can get ahead of the ball.

R: Do you want to continue playing softball?
C: Yes

R: Do you want to play in high school/college?
C: Yes

R: Are there any colleges you are specifically looking at?
C: I really want to go to Oregon.

R: Really?! Why Oregon?
C: Well, because I watch college softball and they have a really good team.

R: Lastly, how long have you worn Ringors?
C: Well, this is my second pair. And I actually won these. There was a bat-a-thon with the Blackjacks. We had a competition and I won!

R: That’s awesome! Do you like your Diamond Dynasty?
C: Yes, they have a lot of space in the toes and they make it easy to stop.






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