“I want to show the world how much it means to everybody if we all do something good in our lives.”

Ringor: Tell me how you got started in softball!
Megan: My bigger sister played softball for basically her whole life, so I have always been around it. That’s sort of how I started.

R: That’s great that you had someone to look up to and help you start out like that. What is it about softball that stands out to you and makes it special?
M: It brings our team together and then we have teamwork while also having so much fun. Oh, and it’s great getting a good exercise!

R: (laughs) That’s true! What team do you play for?83 take 2_blog
M: The Canby Rebels.

R: How long have you played for them?
M: This is only our first year together, but I am really excited!

R: That’s awesome. What do you like most about your team or what are most excited about for the season?
M: We have a lot of really good pitchers. And I feel like that would be really good and come in handy. We are a tight group, so that’s good.

R: What number do you choose to wear and why do you wear it?
M: Well, I wear 83 for my friend, Ty Hart. He passed away in a helicopter crash in Hawaii. He was in the Marines and he was like a brother to me. So this is a way that I can honor him.

R: That is a great way to honor him. What sports did he play?
M: Baseball and football, but 83 was his football number.

R: I noticed you wear a US Marine Corps wristband. Is that in honor of him too?
M: Yep.wristbands_blog

R: That is so awesome that you are honoring him in that way.
M: Thanks!

R: What positions do you play?
M: Shortstop and second.

R: Why did you choose those positions? What sets those positions apart from the rest?
M: I like shortstop because it’s kind of like taking control of the field. You have to have a loud voice and a strong arm and I have that. (laughs)

R: Nice! Other than cheering, in what ways do you encourage and uplift your teammates?
M: We compliment each other and support each other when someone strikes out.

R: You had mentioned earlier that your team is a tight group, so what has been your favorite type of team bonding?
M: We went to an Oregon Ducks softball game and that was a lot of fun!

R: Is that your favorite team?
M: Yeah!

R: Do you think you want to play for them one day?
M: Definitely.

R: Other than softball, what do you like to do?
M: Play with my dog Enzo. He goes to my practices and will go to my games when they start! I like that he is so cute and fluffy!!! Or I also like at night when I get to be with my family and hangout. It’s one of my favorite parts of my day!enzo_blog

R: Family time is always the best! What or who would you say inspires you in life?
M: Ty. Definitely Ty. And all of my family. They are the ones that keep me going and who help me want to help other people that are going through the harder times.

R: That is an awesome answer. Would you say that he is your hero?
M: Yes. He was a Marine and always wanted to help everybody. He impacted my life by making it more joyful. We did a lot of stuff with him, and he was just so much fun.

R: How do you want to impact the world?
M: I want to show them how much it means to everybody if they all do something good in their life.

R: I am excited to see you grow up and the impact that you will have on people!
M: Thanks!

R: Let’s switch gears a little bit and talk about your favorite things. What is your favorite movie?
M: The Avengers. I love Thor! (laughs)

R: What is your favorite subject in school?
M: Probably Science in the Kitchen. It’s a lot of fun because we get to cook a lot.

R: When you grow up, do you want to do something involving that?
M: Yeah, maybe! But I also want to be a softball player!

R: Well we are rooting for you! Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
M: Strong. Loud. Caring.

R: What is your favorite snack to eat during tournaments?with bat_blog
M: Sunflower seeds!

R: Oooh! Favorite flavor?
M: Ranch.

R: That’s my favorite too!

R: What is something that you have been working on during practice and the off season to better prepare for this year?
M: My throw. I had to fix some mechanics.

R: Has it gotten better and stronger?
M: Definitely.

R: Well, that’s good! How do you mentally prepare for games?
M: I listen to music on the way to games. One of my favorites is “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

R: Nice choice, that’s a classic!
M: (laughs) Yeah, and in-between games I like to relax with my teammates.

R: In your opinion, what makes a great teammate?
M: Someone who doesn’t bring anyone else down. They support others through hard times when they are struggling or can’t do something correctly.

R: What about a great coach?
M: They don’t yell at you all of the time! (laughs)

R: I agree! What about your coaches now, do you like working with them?
M: Yeah! They’ve shown me new skills and better ways to do things.

R: What do you think is the most important characteristic that a softball player should possess?
M: Hmmmm. Confidence and happiness. They need to be confident walking up to the plate and then hit the ball and do everything well. They should also be happy about everything they do because even when you mess up, its’s not the end of the world. Softball is still fun.

R: How has the game of softball changed you?
M: It has made me faster, stronger, and more willing to bond with people.

R: What does #softballstrong mean to you?
M: Being there for teammates and having a strong arm, but it also applies to life in general.

R: You are wearing the Diamond Dynasty Molded Cleats. Do you like them?
M: Yeah! They have really good padding and are really comfortable.

R: That’s what we love to hear! Now last question! Would you like to give a shout out or a thank you to anybody?
M: To my team. Thank you for being there and thank you to my coaches for helping me get stronger and better at softball.

As a company, Ringor would like to give our own shout out to Ty Hart and his family. Thank you for serving our country. CLICK HERE for a link to a scholarship fund created in honor of Lance Corporal Ty Hart. The donations towards his scholarship fund help provide equipment and opportunities for high school athletes who are economically disadvantaged.

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