“I think I am more focused now than before which has helped me a lot.”

RINGOR: Tell me how you go started in softball!
JAZMIN: Well, last year I took a year off from Rodeo and my dad asked if I wanted to play any other sports and I said softball. So he got me started in softball!

R: So last year was your first year? 
J: Yep.

R: Oh wow! Are you still doing Rodeo now?
J: We aren’t doing it this year because we are training our ponies.

R: Tell me a little bit more about Rodeo. What does that entail?
J: You have horses and then you do a bunch of events. I compete with other little kids all around the nation. My favorite event is barrels.

R: Nice! In softball, what are your favorite positions to play?
J: Pitcher, centerfield, and catcher.

R: Is pitcher your favorite?
J: Yeah, and centerfield is my second favorite.

R: That’s awesome. I saw you pitching earlier and you have a great arm! What is your favorite pitch to throw?
J: Well, I have five pitches that I throw. My favorite is my drop. I can’t quite get the my curve and rise ball yet. Those are the two that I have been really practicing.

R: What does your work habit currently look like?
J: Well, I practice pitching during practice days which are three days a week and then I practice with my pitching coach once a week.

R: What have you learned the most from your pitching coach?
J: How to pitch better and have control over my pitches. I have learned a lot from her.

R: That is so great to hear. Are a lot of girls in your league scared to face you?
J: (Laughs) Well, when I am up to bat they pitch around me. They throw it high and out of my batting area.

R: You must be a good hitter then!
J: Yeah…I hit ‘em hard.

R: I like your confidence. If you had to choose between hitting and defense, which would you choose and why?

J: Pitching! I really like the confidence that my teammates give me while i am on the field.

R: How do they give you confidence?
J: They are always cheering me on, especially our catcher. When I have 2 strikes on a girl, she will tell me “One more!”.

R: How important is it for teammates to encourage and support each other.
J: It’s sort of make it or break it because I throw a lot of strikes when they encourage me.

R: Wow, their uplifting can change the game!  
J: Definitely.

R: What number do you wear?
J: I am number 1 and also number 6 on my other jersey. I like number 1 better because I wore it last year and for all-stars. Also, when I wear it I feel like I am the best person on the field.

R: Walk me through your craziest softball moment.
J: Well, sometimes I do funny stuff. One time last year this girl hit a Popfly and I caught it, but then it fell out of my glove and then I caught it down here in my arms.

R: That’s great that you never gave up on it. 
J: Yep!

R: During games which do you prefer, sunflower seeds or gum?
J: I chew both!

R: Ooh! What are your favorite flavors?
J: Original!

R: Nice! Favorite tournament snack?
J: I like fruit…like apples and pineapple.

R: What is something that you have worked hard on during practice and the off season to be better prepared for games this year?
J: Pitching has been my main focus. I have been trying to make all of my pitches better and then also I have been working on some fielding.


R: What do you think makes a great teammate?
J: Having a good friendship and encouraging each other.

R: That is a great answer. Who would you say is your hero in life and how have they impacted you?
J: My dad. He has helped me train my horses and keeps encouraging me to do better.

R: What are some softball goals that you have?
J: I want to work hard to be the number one pitcher when I get to high school.

R: In order to become the number one pitcher in high school, what does your work habit need to look like and how hard do you need to work?
J: I need to work a lot harder, throw a lot more pitches, and just keep practicing. I need to be consistent too. I can’t practice, then take a couple days off, then go practice again.

R: That’s great that you know that and you want to have that consistency. To be the best you have to be willing to work hard when no one else is watching.
J: Yeah.

R: Let’s talk about the mental game. Where do you think you have improved the most from when you first started playing last year?
J: I really think my entire mental game is better. I can play every spot now, but last year I could hardly catch a Popfly in centerfield! I think I am more focused now than before which has helped me.

R: Outside of softball, what do you want to do when you are older?
J: I want to help animals and be an animal vet. I want to help people train animals and have classes or something.

R: Can you describe yourself in 3 words? 
J: Funny…sometimes I can be creative…tough…and then I also like to encourage other people.

R: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
J: Probably Texas because that was where my grandpa was born at, so I’ve wanted to go there a lot. But also this year for Christmas we are going down to Disneyland!

R: Fun! I know you went to the OSU vs UO softball game, how did it go? Did you like it?
J: Yeah! It was opening day for Little League, so we got to be with other little league teams and stand in the outfield for the first pitch.

R: Did you get to meet the players afterwards?
J: Yeah! And they signed my hat! They were all really nice and a few of them asked me what my favorite positon was and if I liked playing softball.

R: Do you think you want to play in college?
J: Hmmm, I am not sure yet.

R: Well, you still have plenty of time to decide. What does being #softballstrong mean to you?
J: It means to not give up and be stronger even if you get hurt.

R: Great answer! Now, you wear our red Diamond Dynasty Turf Shoes as well as our grey Diamond Dynasty Molded Cleats. Do you like them?
J: I love them! I really like the big “R” on the side of them. They are also really comfy and don’t hurt my feet.

R: Before we wrap up, do you want to give a shout out to anybody or say thank you?
J: I actually want to say thank you to you guys (Ringor) for encouraging me and thanks to my pitching coach!


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