Ringor recently had the opportunity to talk with Georgia Murray, a standout softball player from New South Wales, Australia. She is talented both on and off the field, and has big dreams to play for Australia. Read her interview below to learn more about her and what drives her to play softball!

“I love the speed and I love the sound of the ball hitting the glove. It’s amazing.”

Ringor: What is your name?
Georgia: Georgia Murray.

R: Do you go by any nicknames?
G: I go by “GM” a lot. My teammates call me that because we have like 3 Georgia’s in the team, so we have different nicknames for everyone. Basically no one says the name Georgia. (laughs)

R: Can you tell us how you got started in softball?
G: It was actually pretty funny because me and my dad used to go through the sewers, like the tunnel kind of thing, to go feed the ducks on the river on the other side. It just so happens that one day we went through and there was like softball tryouts for club and we went and tried out and everything. We actually got started that way which was not intentional.

R: That’s awesome. So what level are you playing at right now?
G: For my age group I actually went the highest I can, which is Brisbane (which is out of state) to go play for New South Wales Metro. So, that’s pretty high. It’s the highest I can go at my age.

R: And how old are you?
G: I am 14, but I am turning 15 this year.

R: When did it click for you that this was the sport that you wanted to play?
G: Pretty much straight away, I think. It was like, yes this is the sport. I played all of these other sports and I couldn’t do it pretty much. (laughs) But with softball I knew I could do it.

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R: What position(s) do you play?

G: Pitcher and second.

R: Is pitching your favorite?
G: Yes, definitely.

R: So what is it about pitching that sets it apart from all of the other positions?
G: I love the speed and I love the sound of the ball hitting the glove. It’s amazing. Like, the action and going through the pitch every single time…and being in the middle of the diamond, too…it’s just great!

R: What number do you wear?
G: 49!

R: Is there any significance with that number?
G: Well, no…but actually, it was my dad’s number! It was a total accident that I got it too. So, it must be fate or something. So I kept that as my number.

R: That’s awesome! Did he play baseball?
G: No, he actually did Judo. He is a black belt in Judo, so completely different. (laughs)

R: Oh wow! What is the name of your softball team?

G: Which one?

R: Oh, how many do you play for? (laughs)
G: I play for Reps, which is my city. I play for Penrith. So the Penrith City Representatives is my association kind of thing.

R: Wonderful! Can you tell us more about Australian softball? Is it popular over there or do many of your friends play?
G: It’s not that popular, actually. From my school there are probably about 3 girls that play it.

R: Oh wow. Has it grown in popularity since you have started playing?
G: Not really.

R: Is that something that you would like to see change?
G: Yes! I would love to be able to play softball at school where everyone gets to play it. Because we don’t get to play it for P.E. because no one really knows how to do it. I would love to get all the girls together at school and play some softball. That would be great.

R: Wow, that’s awesome. Since it’s not all that popular, what do you think your inspiration is? Here in the States, we have the NPF, we have college softball who inspire us and we get to watch a lot of them play. Who do you watch?
G: Well, we have New South Wales teams who play a lot. I think my inspiration, as well as a lot of the girls’, comes from the girls who play for Australia. That’s the goal.

R: Is it televised on TV a lot?
G: No. Well, I guess occasionally, but it’s a late at night kind of thing. It’s really rare to get on TV.


R: Interesting. Would you say that is your ultimate dream then? To play for the Australian team and get the sport more recognized?
G: Yes, definitely.

R: That’s such a great goal. Who do you think is your biggest supporter in reaching that goal?
G: Oh, my coaching. I have really great coaches. And my dad does a lot to help me. He will be looking in the middle of the night for pitching and training courses by Amanda Scarborough and stuff like that to help me be better.

R: Wow that is awesome! So obviously softball is a lot of hard work, so what would you say are the greatest lessons that you have learned in softball so far?
G: To keep cool. There is always gonna be another pitch, there is always going to be another batter if you walk them. Let it go and keep going.

R: Absolutely. That is such a great mentality to have, especially as a pitcher because there are so many opportunities to struggle.
G: Definitely.

R: What do you think the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?
G: The slumps and letting go. You know, having those bad days in the middle of a tournament and you’ve had a really bad game, but you gotta be like, “Okay, next game I will do better”.

R: Who do you think helps you out most with that?
G: My teammates, yeah. They’re great. They always say, “Keep your head up, you’ll be fine.” And just hearing that sup
ort in the back, you know, with the back of the outfield, shorty, second…it’s great.

R: Teammates are definitely the best! You talk about your teammates uplifting and encouraging you, is there any other ways that you help to uplift and encourage them?
G: Well, we cheer a lot… in the dugouts usually, and we’ll scream stuff. Pat them on the back and support them how they need it.

R: You mentioned that playing for Australia is one of your goals, do you have any current goals that you are planning to reach sooner?
G: Well, I just made Sydney Academy, which is pretty good! It’s a kind of spinoff of our university. It’s like the sport university. We sort of just play representative teams because there aren’t a lot of academy teams around. But in order to get to team Australia, I need to make the New South Wales team.

R: Can you elaborate on “New South Wales”?
G: Yeah! So, New South Wales is our state. So they pick the new Australia team from the New South Wales team, so I have to make that first. That trial is actually coming up at the end of the year.

R: Oh wow. So what are there certain age limits for making New South Wales?
G: There is an under 17’s and an under 19’s. I think the Australia team is the under 19’s…I think. (laughs)

R: Well we are rooting for you and hope you make it (laughs). Go Georgia!
G: Thank you!

R: You’re welcome! What would you say gets you most excited about softball. What part of the game do you love the most?
G: I like…well, obviously pitching, because that’s just what I do (laughs)…but I love batting. I love being the person that’s all the pressure is on. Like, it’s all about you and it’s your time to hit and step up.

R: Rising to the occasion and handling the pressure is definitely what it’s all about. How do you think you mentally prepare for that? Because I think everybody has a little bit of a different way to prepare for those moments. What do you do to stay calm?
G: Yeah definitely. Well, just go through my routines, I suppose. Relax, kind of chill and keep my head on the ball sort of thing.

R: Do you have the same preparation for when you are pitching as well?
G: Yeah! Go back to the end of the plate, I stick my ball into my glove a couple of times, spin back and do the exact same thing. It’s all about routine.

R: Definitely. What is your go-to pitch?
G: Inside…inside fast.

R: Oooh, nice!
G: Yeah, I like it. It usually gets them (laughs).


R: Jam ‘em up? (laughs) What does your downtime look like in between games?
G: Talk to my friends. No, actually eat. I eat a lot of fruit, actually. Every single time between games I grab a pineapple and grapes.

R:  What about before games. What does your pregame routine look like?
G: I think before I get on the field I am actually pretty chill with all of my friends. But as soon as I get on the field, I go to my routines and pitching, warm-up, batting warm-up and focus. You know, get your head in the game…there’s some High School Musical for you there. (laughs)

R: (laughs) You’re so funny. Besides softball, what do you like to do for fun?

G: Go to the plaza with my friends and shop. I like to play the guitar a lot.

R: Really? How long have you played guitar?
G: Oh not long…only about two years. But I like doing it for fun during my down time.

R: What’s your favorite song to play?

G: “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber.

R: Do you have any other hobbies or talents?
G: Well, my dad is a photographer, so I like to model. It’s always fun getting your hair and make-up done. So I like to model a lot.

R: That sounds like such a blast!
G: (laughs) Your accents sound so cool!

R: Ha! We were thinking the same thing! Isn’t that funny, because we don’t think we have an accent, and I’m sure you don’t think you do either.
G: Yeah I don’t think I have one. And you listen on TV, and we watch American shows…and I will hear people doing Australian accents and I think, “Is that what we sound like?” (laughs) Do we sound like that because I don’t think we do (laughs).

R: So true! What is your favorite American show to watch?
G: Vampire Diaries! Oh, or Supernatural. I love that show.

R: Okay, you give us your best American accent and we will give you our best Australian accent!
G: (Laughs) Okay.

R: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
G: I want to go somewhere with a beach. Like Hawaii maybe…or maybe somewhere with snow. Do you guys get snow over there?

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R: Yes sometimes. Do you not? Is it hot over there right now?
G: We are actually going through a heatwave right now. It’s supposed to hit 43 degrees…Celsius.

R: I was going to say, 43 degrees would be cold! (laughs)
G: Let’s see, in Fahrenheit it would be over 100 degrees.

R: Oh wow! Stay cool! What three words would you use to describe your softball side and your everyday side?
G: For me as a softball player, I would say focused, passionate, and…I’m not sure about a third one. And for my everyday self? Positive, fun, and focused. I like to work really hard, especially in regards to school.

R: What is your favorite subject in school?

G: English. I love writing narratives or stories. I usually get pretty good grades in that.

R: What would you like to be remembered for once your softball career is over? What do you want your legacy to be?
G: I would want to be known as someone who always tried their hardest and went as far as they could, and worked as hard as they possibly could.

R: What a great answer. What is something that makes you feel empowered?
G: Ummmm, K2. A K2 definitely makes me feel empowered.

R: Ummm…
G: A strikeout?

R: Oh! (laughs) Okay!
G: (laugh)

R: What does your bucket list look like?
G: I definitely want to travel around the world.

R: Come to the United States?!
G: Yeah! I could come and visit you guys! (laughs) We can work on our American and Australian accents together.

R: We could use your help!
G: (laughs) Also, I am thinking maybe Paris. Do some shopping and stuff while I’m there. Then it’s some international thing…like you can say you are wearing your French pants.

R: (laughs) Speaking of wearing international stuff, how are your Ringor Diamond Dynasty Lightweight Molded cleats working for you?
G: They fit perfectly actually!


R: Are they comfortable?
G: They honestly feel amazing. My other shoes are covered in Shoe Goo and my dad puts it on probably once in a fortnight. Then it comes off right away from pitching. I’ve gone through so many shoes and they all have holes in them. But with the Ringor cleats the pro-tec-toe works perfectly and I don’t think I will make a hole in that.

R: How did you hear about us?
G: Well, my dad’s always on the internet looking for shoes that aren’t going to break straight away. Then your shoes came up straight away with the pitching toe and everything. We actually don’t sell leather cleats in Australia and it’s so hard to get them…we only have synthetic stuff. So we heard about Ringor while on the internet and how the pitching shoes are long lasting.

R: We love to hear that! As a company, we believe in being #softballstrong. What would you say being #softballstrong means to you?
G: I think…mentally I am all about being focused and to be #softballstrong is definitely mental. I think it’s about being mentally strong, mentally prepared to put your life on the line to get that hit or slide in.

R: That’s a great answer. How would you like to have an impact on younger softball players and teach them what it means to be #softballstrong?
G: I would love to train a little girl about pitching. I know all the pitches I have had trouble with and I know how to fix them. I would like to help them become strong with their pitch. I also want to teach them how to not be scared of striking out. It’s like the quote, “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

R: You should coach. What has been the best piece of advice that you have received?
G: Anything from my mum. She always tells me to keep my head up because there will always be another pitch, another hit…stuff like that.

R: Well, it seems like you have a really strong focus and a great mental game, which is great to have.
G: Thank you!

R: It’s been so much fun getting to know you and we wish you the best of luck for this season and the many seasons to come! But before we go, is there anybody that you would like to give a shout out to?
G: To my dad, I would like to say thank you for coaching me. My pitching coach, he’s been my pitching coach for a very, very long time…thank you! And thank you to you guys. This is an amazing opportunity and so much fun!


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