Ringor: How old are you?
Celeste: 11 and I’m in the 6th grade.

R: How long have you played softball?
C: I have played softball for 7 years. My dad got me started when I was young. He got me into Tball in our rec league, and since then I have been playing travel ball.

R: What number do you wear?
C: 17, but 00 for the Blackjacks. But 17 because that was the number that first was given to me when I started travel ball and it kind of grew on me.

R: Favorite softball player?
C: My favorite softball player would have to be Monica Abbott.

C3R: We love Monica! Have you gotten a chance to meet her?
C: I met her last year, but I haven’t had a chance to meet her this year.

R:What are your softball goals?
C: My goal is to get a scholarship for college because I feel like that I can do so good out there and I think I deserve it.

R: What college?
C: A college I would really love to go to would be UCLA or Stanford. Those two programs are in really good schools and I feel like I would do really well in them. I want to stay kind of close to home. UCLA is about 6 hours. Stanford would be about 2 hours.

R: What positions do you play?
C: Pitcher, 1st, outfield. Basically anywhere.

R: Let’s talk about your hitting?
C: Well, I am a righty and I hit well. Sometimes I hit it out to the outfield, and sometimes I can hit it to the fence.

R: Nice! Do you think you would like to continue to focus on hitting as you grow older, or would you decide to solely focus on pitching?
C: I would like to focus on both. It’s not always about focusing on one position. It’s about focusing on both.

R: How long have you been playing on The Waves?
C: Since summer and spring. We won North California champions in the spring and the summer for 10U, went to nationals in Clovia and took 4th out of 22 teams, and we went to state champions and we took 3rd in state.


R: Well, let’s talk about slumps in softball. Everybody goes through slumps, how do you quickly get out of slumps while you are out on the mound?
C: For me to focus, I just try to not think about the mistakes I have made before because I know I can do better than what I am doing. So I will think positive and I will say that I can do it and focus on the game.

R: What about hitting, is that any different?
C: Yeah, sometimes I will be in a hitting slump and I just tell myself that I got the next one. Sometimes I will get out but I won’t be disappointed as long as I moved the runner or they got home. That is all that really matters to me.

R:What about pre-game? Do you listen to music or maybe meditate?
C: For pregame I sometimes get all my nervousness out by shaking it out and doing stretches. Sometimes I will listen to music when I am thinking about it.


R: What is your go to tourney snack?
C: My tournament snack has got to be cup of noodles.  I like to eat it after a game and relax and hangout with teammates and talk.  It’s my favorite snack.

R: During your current fallball season, what are you focusing most on to prepare for your spring/summer season?
C: I am trying to work on not being psyched out by the older teams because I am still young. These teams have 12, 13 and some 14 year olds playing on them, so I am trying to get use to it and work on my mental game.

R: Outside of softball, is there anything on C6your bucket list?
C: One thing I definitely want to accomplish is to go to college. It doesn’t matter if it’s the highest college, I just want to get into college.

R: Any crazy adventures you want to go on?
C: I want to maybe go skydiving.

R: Any shout outs?
C: I want to say thank you to my coach Troy because he is the one that helped me get better when I first started travel ball.

R: What do you love most about your Diamond Dynasty Ringor softball cleats?
C: I like that they feel very comfortable. When my feet hurt, I put them on and they don’t hurt anymore and feel a lot better.

R: How has the Pro-Tec-Toe helped out?
C: They have helped my shoes last a lot! My other cleats, when I didn’t have the pro-tec-toe, would be ruined so fast. There are no rips or holes in my Ringors. They are perfect because of the added toe protection.

R: Anything else you would like to add?
C: I am a Ringor fan for life!


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