By the Ringor Customer Experience Team

You were born to play. Your team draws from your energy, your enthusiasm and your skills. But then, the unthinkable happens. You are assigned a different position, one you feel isn’t right for you. Even worse, your coaches left you out of today’s lineup. You’ll be on the bench for the next game.

Even the best players find themselves on the bench once in a while. The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in a game is sit it out. Sure, short hops can be tricky, but you can practice those. The real challenge is sitting on the bench or playing a position other than your favorite. Every player has faced it at some point in their softball career.

Anyone can be excited when times are good. It takes a real professional to be excited for their teammates and the game when times aren’t so good. Here are three reasons to smile and yell louder, even when times are tough.

1. Your teammates need your support.
Plain and simple, your team needs you. They need you standing on the fence, cheering and helping them out from the sideline. Be loud. Be the most encouraging player your team’s bench has ever seen.

2. Your attitude affects other players.
If things aren’t going your way, you’ll be tempted to display a less-than-sparkling attitude. A bad attitude is contagious, so check yours at the door. As a professional, you’ll support your teammates. That means staying positive even when you aren’t where you would like to be on the field. Your coaches chose the current line-up for a reason. If you don’t understand it now, work harder at practice to change it for the future.

3. Your coaches are watching.
Fastpitch softball isn’t played in a vacuum. Coaches are like moms; they can see everything. If you sit and pout all inning instead of cheering on your team, your coaches will know. If you’re stuck in a position you don’t like and you give up, your coaches will know. However, if you cheer and encourage your teammates or consistently back-up other players, your coaches will also know.

Make Your Mark a Positive One

What do you want your teammates and your coaches to remember about your performance when things weren’t going your way? Do you want them to smile and say, “She’s a professional,” or do you want them to shake their head? Be the light on the bench this time, and you’ll be the light on the field next time..

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