Staying on top of your game requires attention to detail at every level. There are team practices and training, team games and team tournaments where you’re developing on a group level but also personal fitness, training and, of course, clinics on the personal level. In what’s considered the off-season for many (when most leagues take a break across northern states), winter allows for you to dedicate your time to personal training. One great way to develop your skills outside of the traditional team environment is to attend clinics throughout the winter.

Fastpitch softball clinics are hosted in just about every community across the country, year round. Whether it’s high-school, college, pro or international coaches, you’re sure to take away significant value from each experience. If you have the ability to choose from multiple clinics throughout the year, take your time to shop around. See what the coach to student ratio is and choose those that will offer the most attention to each player attending.

Here in Oregon, Linfield College is hosting their second of two clinics this month on January 31 at the Linfield campus in McMinnville. The clinic will include hitting, bunting, base running, and fundamental infield and outfield defensive skills, plus pitchers and catchers training, all led by Linfield coaches and athletes. There will also be a guest speaker who will talk about the game and college recruiting tips. For more information, visit

Get out there and attend some clinics this winter. They’ll give you the chance to play with a different group than you may be used to, experiencing different skills and giving you the opportunity to play with a group at a time of year when many teams aren’t the most active..

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