While our fastpitch lives may have us yearning for the height of competition, there’s another side to the game of softball, the ability of the sport to give back to others. Whether it’s a tool for a disadvantaged youth to live their dream or an outlet for people who may not get to play sports very often, softball is certainly helping people around the world.

I was browsing softball videos this week and came across this one, entitled “The Best Softball Game Ever Played”. Just seeing the title made me think, “oh, I wonder if it was a College World Series game…the Olympics maybe, or the World Cup? What would qualify a single game to be called the best ever?” My question was immediately answered.

The Best Softball Game Ever Played (we’ll call it the BSGEP) took place on September 21 of this year in Lincoln, Alabama. There weren’t any recognizable names in the line up. The Cherry Bombs and the Rebels aren’t even the most popular mascot names. But there was as much heart and drive on that field as in any professional tournament.

The Cherry Bombs are a 14U fastpitch team from Trussville, Alabama, with a solid record and hearts of gold. Their opponents in the BSGEP, the Rebels, hailed from Rainbow Omega, a non-profit organization that “provides residential and vocational programs for adults with developmental disabilities.” As many adjectives as I can use to describe the game, like “heart-warming” and “inspiring”, they won’t tell the whole story. Fortunately, a 13-minute highlight reel from the game made it to YouTube, allowing all of us to experience this awesome moment.

As the Cherry Bombs and Rebels proved, the Best Softball Game Ever is about the experience. It doesn’t have to be a championship game (although for some of us it certainly is), and it doesn’t have to be a no-hitter. It’s what the game means to you and in those moments, what fastpitch softball means to your life.

So what is your “Best Softball Game Ever Played”? Was it a championship game, a memorable moment, or just plain fun? Let us know in the comments..

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