How can I place an order with RINGOR? [link]
What forms of payment does RINGOR accept? [link]
Does RINGOR provide discounts for team purchases? [link]
My team doesn’t order together, can I still get discounts? – S.C.O.R.E: [link]
Does RINGOR accept school purchase orders for team sales? [link]
Does RINGOR only stock its products in the spring? [link]
The RINGOR product I want to purchase is not in stock. Why? [link]
Youth Sizing [link]


Which shipping company does RINGOR use? [link]
Does RINGOR ship internationally? [link]
When can I expect my RINGOR order to be delivered? [link]
Can I track my RINGOR order online? [link]
What are RINGOR’s shipping options? [link]

Warranty / Returns

What is RINGOR’s return policy? [link]
What is RINGOR’s Manufacturer’s Warranty? [link]
Why doesn’t RINGOR’s warranty cover pitching wear? [link]
How do I set up a RINGOR return or exchange? [link]


What makes RINGOR cleats different from other brands? [link]
What is the RINGOR Ring-Gripâ„¢ pattern? [link]
Are RINGOR cleats designed to “rotate” on the ground? [link]
What is the APMA Seal of Acceptanceâ„¢ and how did RINGOR products receive it? [link]
Does RINGOR offer an interchangeable cleat? [link]
What is the difference between RINGOR metal spikes and RINGOR non-metal cleats? [link]
Should I choose RINGOR metal spikes or RINGOR non-metal cleats? [link]
How are RINGOR shoes sized? [link]
What is the difference between RINGOR ½ sizes? [link]
How much room should I have for my toes in RINGOR cleats? [link]
How do I know my RINGOR cleats fit properly? [link]
My RINGOR cleats fit properly, but my heel is slipping. Should I get a different size? [link]
Will RINGOR cleats “stretch”? [link]
Do I have to “break in” my RINGOR cleats? [link]
What are the different components of a RINGOR shoe? [link]
What is the difference in the leather that RINGOR uses versus the material used by other brands? [link]
How long do RINGOR cleats last? [link]
How should I care for my RINGOR cleats? [link]
Do RINGOR cleats come in a wider width? [link]
Does RINGOR make pitching toes? [link]
Who should buy RINGOR cleats with Pro-Tec-Toesâ„¢? [link]
Can the RINGOR Pro-Tec-Toes be replaced? [link]
What is the difference between the RINGOR Diamond Starâ„¢ and the RINGOR Diamond Gemâ„¢? [link]
What is the difference between the RINGOR Diamond Star Cleat and the RINGOR Play Makerâ„¢ Cleat? [link]
Are RINGOR cleats heavy? [link]
What are RINGOR’s 6 Standards of Development? [link]
Can I use orthotics with RINGOR cleats? [link]

 Company Information

What is RINGOR? [link]
How long has RINGOR been in business? [link]
What are RINGOR’s business hours? [link]
When is RINGOR closed? [link]
How can I contact RINGOR? [link]
What is RINGOR’s Privacy Policy? [link]
Where is RINGOR located? [link]
Where can I purchase RINGOR products? [link]
Why aren’t RINGOR products sold in any retail stores? [link]
Does RINGOR sell baseball products? [link]
Where are RINGOR products made? [link]
How can I get a job at RINGOR? [link]

Stay Connected

Can I receive a RINGOR catalog? [link]
What is RINGOR Rewardsâ„¢? BE THE FIRST TO KNOW [link]
Does RINGOR have a Facebook® Page? [link]
Can I follow RINGOR on Twitter®? [link]
What is RINGOR’s Social Media Policy? [link]

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