By Joelle Fanger

As the parent of a house full of athletes I know how difficult it can be to find the balance between sports and family time.

In fact, I will honestly admit to failing at this. I found myself in a panic this summer wondering where the time had gone. I have two girls graduating this year and one more not too far behind. I had realized that as a family we are very committed to our teams but had neglected the most important team of all – our family.

We all know what it’s like to use every vacation day traveling to tournaments. Sometimes this can be done as a family but more often than not it is the divide and conquer technique. One kid going north and one kid going south. Spring break hasn’t been a “break” in years and summer consists of eight straight tournaments. We choose this life because our kids love the game and we are die hard sports fans. We wouldn’t change it for the world, but hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes.

I wish more than anything that I would have taken better advantage of those rare weekends off or done more with “dead week” than clean up the yard that had been neglected all summer. We have so many amazing sports memories but I should have added some amazing family beach memories as well. Even if just for the day. We spent the month of August fitting in as much as possible this year but regret that we hadn’t been doing that all along.

We tell our kids to have “no regrets”. Leave it all on the field and give everything you’ve got. I am encouraging you as a parent to have “no regrets” as well. Take that day hike or overnight camping trip no matter how tired you are of traveling. Finding a day where everyone in your family is available is rare so take advantage whenever you can. Trust me, before you know it that little girl who was hitting off the tee will be graduating soon. We will always have great sports memories. I am just hoping to add more family vacation memories to the mix – a little more balance.

About the Author:

Joelle Fanger is the Marketing Manager at Ringor. Joelle has played fastpitch from rec through college, and as a coach and softball mom, has a passion for the sport..

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