by Brian Clark

First off, I would like to thank the Atlanta Vipers and Georgia Impact for having me down for the third straight year. Many dreams were realized in Atlanta at the Legacy Showcase Tournament. I was there, to experience it live. Here are my impressions:

What We Saw

The Atlanta Legacy Showcase is the largest recruiting event in the Southeastern United States. We saw the highest level of play from outstanding athletes. I saw girls working their absolute best to showcase their talents.

What We Heard

It felt so good to hear these sounds:

  • The roar of the crowd.
  • The loud, sharp “ping” of the bat on the ball.
  • The compliments we heard several people making to the organizers of the Showcase, the Atlanta Vipers Organization and the Georgia Impact Organization.

What We Felt

The Legacy Showcase is an opportunity to experience authentic Southern hospitality. Every person I met seemed to sincerely care about our well-being.

I felt the excitement in the air. Players were striving to be their best. Coaches were watching and evaluating talent to find just the right players to fit in to their rosters. I felt the enthusiasm of families and friends rooting for their players.

Why It Mattered

The Legacy Showcase gives each player a platform to reach their goals. They each knew this was a special opportunity. They worked their hardest to take advantage of that opportunity. I saw it on their faces, and heard it in their voice.

What’s Next?

For a lot of teams, the Legacy was a precursor to the many National Tournaments around the country.

For the College coaches, it was a loaded tournament with a ton of talent allowing them to continue the search for just the right players.

View the Atlanta Legacy web site,, for results of the 2013 tournament and announcements of next year’s tournament.

We’ll see you in Atlanta next year!

About the Author

Brian Clark is a member of Ringor’s team sales group..

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