As we’re heading into the collegiate, high school and club spring seasons, there’s a lot of great news coverage of fastpitch softball. Whether it’s new teams being added to regional leagues, or collegiate team season outlooks, it’s great to finally have some regular news about softball, after the long drought of winter. Here are some of the most interesting recent articles we’ve found:

Tufts Softball Looks to Recapture NCAA DIII Crown

As we discussed in our NCAA outlook last week, the Tufts Jumbos are looking to retake their title as NCAA DIII champions for the third consecutive years. The Jumbos will have to battle to remake history this season they lost a number of seniors last year, including the two co-captains. But the future looks bright as they take the field behind star pitcher Allyson Fournier. For more on Tufts softball, check out this great article from the Tufts Daily which covers both the softball team and the Jumbos other spring championship team, their lacrosse program.

New Indoor Complexes Bring Year-Round Fastpitch to Colder Climates

Not all of us are blessed with the ability to play softball 365 days a year on green grass in comfortable weather, like those in Florida, Arizona and other parts of the southern US. Fortunately, interest and the construction of indoor athletic facilities is growing nation-wide. This week there were articles on two new indoor facilities in the US and their use as homes for winter fastpitch.

The Citizen Times reports that The House of Fastpitch (yes that is really its awesome name!) just opened this past weekend in Fletcher, NC. While it has fastpitch in its name, the House of Fastpitch will also cater to baseball with an indoor turf field, batting cages, pitching lanes and more. Check out the press release.

On the West Coast, Centralia has been operating for a few months as Central Washington’s newest indoor sports complex. And back in January, Centralia hosted its first fastpitch tournament with fourteen 12U teams from across the region. Check out the tournament results and more on the Centralia complex here..

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