by Joelle Fanger

The softball college recruiting process can be tough to wade through, especially for first timers. It is changing at an alarming rate. I would like to share one particular tip that can help your young athlete find the right fit for her.

The days of waiting until her sophomore or junior year of high school to start looking at colleges is over. The earlier you can get her in front of these coaches the better. I made the mistake of not having my daughter attend camps until her sophomore year and quickly found out that some of the teams she was interested in were done recruiting for her graduating class.

Start by sitting down with your daughter and choose a handful of colleges that range in level that she may be interested in checking out. A great start in the recruiting process is simply going to college softball camps as early as the 6th or 7th grade. This gives the entire staff time to watch your daughter get put through the drills they want to see and watch her grow as an athlete. They get to know her on a personal level and will be much more likely to open up an email from a name they recognize. You can spend hundreds of dollars going to an exposure tournament just to have your daughter get walked twice or hit by a pitch and not be able to show her skills. The coaches will be more likely to watch her play in a tournament if she has already impressed them in their camp.

Most colleges will run softball camps in late summer/early fall and again in the winter. Most have camp information on their websites and easy online registration. Attending these camps also gives you and your daughter the opportunity to have these coaches try- out for you as well. Seeing them interact with their current players as well as learn about their expectations for their athletes will help you and your daughter decide if that college would be a good fit.

About the Author:

Joelle Fanger is the Marketing Manager at Ringor. Joelle has played fastpitch from rec through college, and as a coach and softball mom, has a passion for the sport..

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