One of the most dramatic events of the NPF 2013 season will occur in only six days. On Monday, April 1st at 7:00 PM Central Time, the NPF Draft will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. We’ll be watching it live, just like you.

Why It Matters

National Pro Fastpitch is the next step in the careers of aspiring collegiate women’s fastpitch softball athletes. Many of them starting playing as early as eight years old. They played rec ball, then travel ball, then high school ball. They were recruited by a college. Now, they’re graduating from college and they’re playing better than ever. They want to continue in the sport. What’s next?

The answer is National Pro Fastpitch. The entrance door is the NPF Draft.

Who It Affects

The Draft is a crucial event in the lives of players, coaches and teams. Tension is high as each coach, in turn, announces their Draft pick. It’s a roller coaster ride for everyone involved.


The hopes and dreams of each player and their family are riding on when they are picked, and by which team.


Every coach tries to assemble the strongest team for the 2013 NPF season. They want the best players for each position. They’ll fill some positions with the best players, but eventually the draft pool won’t have strong players in the position a particular coach needs. In that regard, coaches regard the Draft as both a blessing and a curse.


Each team is as strong as the performance of its players and the wisdom of its leadership. The NPF Draft adds the luck of the draw to the mix of each team.

No one gets everything they wanted, but everyone gets something they wanted. That’s the magic of the NPF Draft.

See the Action Live Next Monday Night

The NPF 2013 Draft will be held Monday evening, April 1st at 7:00 PM Central Time on ESPN3. See the action live from the Ford Theater in Nashville, Tennessee. The flyer for the NPF Draft is shown below. Let’s watch the drama and the excitement unfold together..

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