Sure, most high schools or colleges will probably continue to label it as “girls softball” or “womens softball”, so that everyone will “get it” but isn’t the word softball kind of inaccurate?

After all, softballs aren’t soft. It hurts to get hit with one. It’s hurts a lot. Plus, the pitching is fast. Really fast.

So, I understand that the word “softball” simply fills a category. It’s traditional, and it’s used so that people will understand it. For the people who have never played fastpitch softball, (or for that matter, seen a game in person), it’s put into place to essentially differentiate “girls baseball” from “boys baseball”. That, in itself is an inaccuracy.

Other than the obvious similarities, the way fastpitch softball and baseball are played is completely different. The same can be said when trying to compare “softball” and “fastpitch”. When you hear the word softball, doesn’t it make you think of a game that can be played at a family reunion where everyone from the young children to Grandma and Grandpa can play without getting hurt? Or perhaps your P.E. class where even the nonathletic kids can participate without getting a black eye?

When you hear the word fastpitch, doesn’t it make you think of a fast paced sport with plenty of skill, strength and speed? Doesn’t it make you think of hard-fought tournament brackets? Of skinned knees? Of long road trips that were actually more fun than they seemed at the time? Of the cheers in the crowd and the chants from the dugout? Isn’t that the fastpitch that you know?

So here’s your chance. Sound off and let us know. Are you a “softball player” or are you a “fastpitch player”? We just might start a revolution here.

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