By Kirk Ihlenburg

When you launch a new tournament, there’s a great deal of risk. Will the players show up? Will recruiters show up to evaluate the players for scholarships? Will sponsors show up, to help support the event? Will you recover your costs for the facilities? And most importantly, will you help enrich the lives of fastpitch players?

These were just a few of the questions faced by the organizers of the brand new Colorado Explosion Softball Tournament. They took the risk. They introduced this new tournament to the softball world during the first week in July, in Parker, Colorado.

The tournament organizers did it right. They created the best opportunity for players, teams and college recruiters. Here’s why:

Success Factor #1: Players Had the Best Opportunity to Demonstrate Their Skills

The Colorado Explosion Tournament is about team play. The tournament is focused around the games, not “All-Star” events. Each athlete plays their best games, in their natural environment: with their teammates.

Success Factor #2: Recruiters Have the Opportunity for the Most Accurate Player Evaluations

Recruiters want to see two things: (a) the player’s individual skills, and (b) the player’s interaction with her coaches, teammates and parents. Recruiters saw both factors as they watched the games. Each athlete showed her skill sets as an individual and supporting her teammates.

Success Factor #3: The Colorado Explosion Tournament Delivers More, for Less

Some tournaments appear to be driven by fees. The Colorado Explosion Tournament charged a reasonable flat fee for team registration. The only “extras” you were likely to encounter were food, lodging and incidentals.

We’ll Be Back

Ringor was proud to sponsor the inaugural season of the Colorado Explosion Tournament. We saw many players and recruiters leaving with similes on their faces. We plan to return next year.

To learn more about the Colorado Explosion Tournament, go to

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