Here at Ringor, we have the wonderful opportunity of watching our brand be represented by the best pitcher in the world; Monica Abbott. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into her Championship Series win!

TEAM BLURRY BLOGWhat was the atmosphere like in the days leading up to the championship series?
It was exciting! The Bandits team atmosphere was very positive and motivating. It felt like we were in our “own world”, in our own bubble.

Were you and your team pretty focused off the field as well? Or did you find a balance between being focused and being goofy/relaxed?
Off the field the girls really were able to enjoy the experience of being at championships. We were able to really just live in the moment, and not get too ahead of ourselves or let anything bother us. We truly lived in the moment that our team was in; on or off the field.

What was your favorite moment throughout the series?
Besides the dog pile after the last pitch?? Nothing beats that moment!team tees long

What was the biggest challenge during the series?
The biggest challenge during the series was having a short term memory. So if something didn’t go our way— like a bad call, we could continue on without skipping a beat.

What did your day look like on the day of the championship game?wave blog
The day of the championship game, the team went out for early morning practice/bp which was huge so we weren’t sitting in the hotel being anxious. I grabbed lunch, did my pre-game pitcher routine and a quick nap before leaving for the field. #NoFreeBases

After you won your first series (Akron) did you or any of your teammates have any superstitions?

Actually, Ringor sent us all some of the amazing Tee’s and we wore them every day! Most of the girls including: Z, Cerv, Blank, Nat and Taylor were all like, “I’m not washing it until we win! I’m wearing it every day!!”

Describe your emotions right before your final strikeout:

Before the final strikeout— I could feel the emotions and excitement running through my team. The energy and vibe was electric. When I stood on the mound I had such clarity and a sense of calm before I threw the pitch. It was incredible to have that energy focused at the mound and I wanted to use it!

What are 3 words you would use to describe the feeling after the final strike out?
Pumped, Electric, Grateful.

quadblogCan you describe the dynamic between you and Taylor Edwards?
Sure. Taylor is such a quality player but she creates a rhythm. Between us there is an eb & flow of the different things that we see that a hitter might be doing and then we take turns to use them to help our team win. Taylor has been incredible to throw to and the exciting thing about her is how much better she is going to get!

Who do you feel like helped lead the team this season and how?
This year we have had different leaders throughout the team. The veterans on the team all spoke up and led when needed but weren’t afraid to step back and let others lead when needed too.

This year Pat, Cerv, Tammy, Stu and I all constantly talked about how special this team was and how we really could do something magical, something amazing. This made it easier for those that aren’t vocal leaders or those that are younger to see what we saw and share a vision!

cupblogHow does winning the Cowells Cup compare to receiving the MVP award?
The cowles cup is what matters! There’s a ton of MVP’s on our team.

All season the Bandits used #CatchOn, did you feel like people caught on this season?
I think people did #CatchOn

I hope they saw the joy and childlike love and passion we have for the game while being able to demonstrate some legit athleticism! #CatchOn

What are you most excited for looking forward?


Congratulations to Monica and the rest of the Chicago Bandits! It was such a thrill watching and taking part in your journey this year. We are so proud of all of you and best of luck next season!.

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