Last month we launched the #RingorPlayItForward Campaign to deliver our all-new Spark youth softball cleats to young athletes and teams who need them the most. With a focus on deserving softball athletes around the country, we asked you to 1. nominate recipients and 2. drop in the purchase code PLAYITFORWARD into your purchase of $100 or more on the store to send a pair of Sparks to a girl who needs them. Great news! You came through! Even better news, the #RingorPlayItForward Campaign continues!

So far we’ve sent out over 100 pairs of Spark youth softball cleats to teams and groups around the country. Chris Florence at USA Elite Select received cleats that were distributed to three teams: Mcdonough Rampage-10U, Locust Grove Jaguars-8U, and USSSA Henry County Rec League. Chris said, “When Ringor asked if I knew of any young players who could benefit from the cleats, I immediately said yes! To be honest, both teams we helped had players wearing tennis shoes. When the players received their cleats, the look on their faces was one of amazement and joy!”

ringor softball cleats

Chris Florence Handing Out Cleats

A box of cleats was sent to 18 Gold Corona Angels player and LaSalle High School Sophomore, Kinsley Washington, who plays for the school’s varsity softball program and has been working with VolunTeen in Whittier, CA.

Kinsley told us, “A large number of kids I interacted with were out of shape and I wanted to help them to be more active, while having fun. As an avid softball player, I noticed that the ‘softball field’ at Whittier’s Palm Park was a disappointment. There is just a chain-link fence that is supposed to serve as a backstop. Nothing more. I suddenly realized why the kids chose not to play on the ‘field’ and instead sat around and did nothing. That’s when I got the idea to transform the grassy area at Palm Park into a Fitness Softball Field, complete with bases, equipment and player benches.”

Kinsley didn’t stop there. When she contacted us, she wasn’t reaching out to brag about her amazing accomplishment that will help generations of kids in Whittier discover and continue to play softball, she wanted to help those kids even more by providing them with their own cleats. This is just the reason why we started the #RingorPlayItForward Campaign, so if you happen to catch a youth softball game in Whittier this summer, you’ll likely see kids wearing new Spark cleats.

You can catch Kinsley and LaSalle’s final three home games, this Saturday, May 9 in a double header against Arcadia High School and then Wednesday, May 13 against St. Paul.

For more on Whittier, CA’s VolunTeen program, visit the Whittier Parks, Recreation and Community Services Youth Services page, here:

Lents Little League players, from SE Portland, came to the Ringor store to pick out their new Sparks. Lents Little League’s Geoff Rosenberger, who brought the young players to our store related, “You know I am not sure I am able to explain what it meant to receive the Sparks in one paragraph. Lents little league is in an outer SE Portland neighborhood. This very diverse community has a lot of single parent households and lower income families. We try to provide the best youth sports program for the smallest dollar amount. That means these kids don’t always have the best equipment, and most wear handed down cleats. This year Ringor donated lots of new cleats to our girls and they wear them proudly. We traveled to the Ringor store and were warmly welcomed into the showroom and the girls were quickly outfitted in new Sparks. The girls raved about the fit and after playing a few weeks in them they are incredible on the field too. Most importantly to me is the sense of pride these girls have and, for most of them, these are their first new pair of cleats. That level of self esteem translates off the field as well. Thank you Ringor for making the girls of Lents feel special. I know myself you have a customer for life with me.”

Good luck to Kinsley, Whitter’s youth, the McDonough Rampage, Locust Grove Jaguars, Lents Little League and USSSA Henry County Rec League and all of the recipients in the #RingorPlayItForward Campaign so far. Check back soon for more updates!.

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